Tangerine Blush - Sacral Energy Spray

Tangerine Blush - Sacral Energy Spray

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Do you dare to dream?  And if so, do you dare to dream big?  Tangerine Blush opens us up to embracing life as the adventure it is.  It brings energetic colour to our cheeks as a result of exhilaration and it encourages us to try something new, create something different, travel to new places, embrace new concepts and ideas and not allow past wounding or present difficulties to hold us back.

Acknowledging that in every life ‘a little rain shall fall’ it also reminds you so too will the sun rise again and that each day we have is precious - never to come again.  So make of it what we can, despite what we may be faced with.

Do not lose sight of how it feels to be truly alive, to have life excite you once more, for passions to be reignited and the energy of enchantment and miracle stirred within you.

Don’t think that is possible? You may feel as though life is passing you by, that duty, commitments and work are preventing you from expressing who you really are in this incarnation.  Yet it is never too late.  There are always doorways of birth open to you in every moment - be it via new thought forms, activities, priorities or goals.

The Sacral IS the birthplace of anything new.  The energy of Tangerine Blush invites you back to dance with life, to be at one with its rhythm that can bring new opportunity and experience into every day.  It helps stimulate appetite for new things, new people, new tastes, new sounds whilst also deepening connection to all that is good and still fertile in your life.

It reminds you that the universe is bountiful and wishes to work with you not against you.

Helping to heal any trauma or memory held within the Sacral Chakra that blocks joy and the belief that you can do or be anything you set your mind to.  Holding the codes of both sunrise and sunset in its colours, it helps you focus on the day at hand.  Not what you once were, but what you can be now, today, and that which can be built on tomorrow.  You are not what happened to you.  You are not your story, not the pain of the past, you are God’s expression here on Earth and the world was meant to be your oyster.

Tangerine Blush is a youthful elixir that wakens up dormant desires, rekindles lost dreams and ignites the spark again to step into being the powerful manifestor that you actually are.

Manifesting from a 5th dimensional place, Archangel Metatron helps you to bring toward you that which is desired according to divine time, place and need.  In 5D we create not just for ourselves but our tribe.  We know that the creation of happiness, satisfaction and joy aids the frequency upon this planet that we all call home.  Never selfish or about greed, Tangerine Blush helps dreams, plans, ideas and goals to flourish when seeded in love.

The dual colours of deep pink and tangerine within this energy help to uplift and bring a smile on the greyest of days.  It helps you to not just see the beauty in the world but to FEEL it.  Use Tangerine Blush to orchestrate the journey you seek, the energies you need and to remember that life is the soul's great joy.  Allow it to leap, have fun and fly!

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Amyris, ylang ylang, rose and ravensara.

Crystal Essences:  Unakite, moonstone, orange kyanite, tangerine quartz, ametrine, vanadinite and charoite.

Suggested uses for Tangerine Blush are:  A tonic when feeling stuck, healing trauma/shock stored in the sacral area, anytime you need divine love, creative pursuits, sexual problems, needing inspiration for new initiatives or relationships and bringing Metatron’s love close to you. This is a very multi- purpose spray and, like others, can be used for many purposes.  If you are drawn to its colour and energy use it!

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