• Message from Spray HQ - Busy Period!

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    Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking in.  I just wanted to let you know what's happening with regard to orders at the moment.  As you know we took delivery of our first order of new bottles last week.  Since then we have been working hard to re-stock the shelves and get everything back on sale.  However we have had a really busy couple of weeks...
  • Spray News/NewBottles

    Spray News/NewBottles

    Hi Everyone Thank you for all your lovely comments on our previous blogs.  Glad you are finding them helpful.  I just wanted to give you an update quickly as I've been receiving a lot of emails asking when this or that spray will be back in stock.  I know we have quite a few that are out of stock and have been so for...
  • Spray of the Week - Sapphire Peace

    Spray of the Week - Sapphire Peace

    Welcome to our first "spray of the week" blog.  Designed to shine a little light on some of the sprays that you may be less familiar with. This week we are starting off with one of Amanda's personal favourites, Sapphire Divine Peace. This is a beautiful spray.  The bottle is a deep, sparkly sapphire blue, just looking at it raises the spirits.  The spray...
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