We send sprays all over the world but at present we don't send to the following countries:

Austria (essential oils are not accepted by customs)

South Africa (problems with security/items being stolen)

Saudi Arabia ("religious" items mentioning angels, Christ etc. are prohibited).

EU customers: since Brexit, all orders going to the EU have to go through customs/border control and are subject to import charges/taxes which will have to be paid for before your order is released to you for delivery.  (See link below for guidance from the European Commission).  

Other customers outside the UK: you are also likely to be charged import taxes when your order arrives at customs/border control in your country.

All import duty/taxes etc are the responsibility of the customer. 

Please see below for general information but we strongly advise customers to make your own enquiries about possible charges BEFORE placing an order.  We cannot advise on this as each country is different.  If you to refuse to pay the charges and your order is returned to us we will refund you, minus shipping charges (when we have received it back) but we will have to charge an admin fee of £5 on top of this.  

EU – VAT & customs duties

  • Taxes, duties and a clearance fee may be due on goods sent from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) to the EU. 
  • The taxes and duties depend on the contents’ value. The thresholds are as follows:
    o  Goods between €10 to €22 and €150 may be subject to VAT and a clearance fee.
    o  Goods above €150 may be subject to VAT, customs duties and a clearance fee.
  • The thresholds and the amounts charged vary from country to country. The customs authorities in the destination country determine the thresholds and the amounts charged. See guidance from the European Commission Opens in new window .
  • The parcel won’t be released by customs until payment has been received from the recipient. Your customs agency will contact you about the fees you need to pay before your item is released for delivery.

Changes to EU VAT rules from 1st July 2021

EU VAT & Customs Duties

  • Customs clearance charges and fees will be payable on items/goods (excluding personal correspondence) entering the destination country including  the EU from the UK. These depend on the contents’ value. These will need to be paid before the parcel is released.
  • Items sent to the EU from England, Scotland and Wales are subject VAT and duties in the EU. The value of goods thresholds are detailed below
  • Since July 1 2021, items valued at under €22 sent to the EU are now also subject to VAT or duties.
  • Commercial items/goods (excluding personal correspondence) sent to the EU over €22  and below €150 may be taxed at the border and may incur a customs clearance/handling fee in the receiving country.
  • Commercial items/goods sent to the EU over €150 may attract VAT, customs duties and a clearance/handling fee
  • The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.
  • The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country.