Suggested Uses for Archangel Metatron Colour Healing Sprays

Ancestral Healing -

Supports you to be the one who helps break the repetitive cycles in your own family line and to say "it stops with me". This should not be viewed as a burden but as an opportunity – one which you will be assisted with also. Our ancestors are our greatest mirrors and help us to see what else we need to work on – issues to conquer, dreams to fulfil (that maybe they never had chance to, and you would like to). Using this spray helps in the ritual of that, the remembrance of that and provides a key to unlock the past to free up the future.

Aquamarine – Throat Chakra

Any throat/nose/ears physical condition, help with communication or being heard, channelling, writing, singing.  Speech impediments, or shyness in talking, finding our voice, public speaking, clearing past trauma from the throat area (place where much past life memory is held).  The Aquamarine is also very protective. 

Beloved Joseph – Divine Protector

Helps with fathering, father wounds, resourcefulness, fostering a can do attitude, practical and creative endeavours, holding together a family after any misfortune or tragedy.

Bluebell Bridge – Loss & Grief

Support through grief and loss, not only caused by death but the loss of love, friendships, job etc. All losses need to be grieved before we can move on.

Bronze Earth Star - Archangel Sandalphon

Connect with Sandalphon’s energy, support for the Earth Star chakra and very grounding.

Commander Ashtar –Galactic Command

Connection to galactic realms and the platinum ray. Calling in your Soul Tribe. Galactic grid work. Protection whilst astral travelling. Higher connection.  For opening up the higher chakras including the causal chakra. Cellular upgrade and activation of dormant codes within the body – it is suggested to use either the Earth Elemental, or Crimson Base Chakra spray after this to ground you.  

Crimson Base Chakra

Support for the base chakra, good for any skeletal issues, financial issues. Helps us feel “safe” in the world.

Emerald Renewal & Recovery

For all the body, but especially the heart chakra and wherever there is a need for healing.  This spray is also very grounding.  It takes you out of your head and into your physical body.  Great for boosting physical energy, bringing balance and harmony and bringing you back to your senses in terms of shock or fear.

Flame Attunement & Connection

This is the spray to really help you connect to Archangel Metatron and build your connection with him.  The colour orange is important as it is Metatron's colour and linked to the ascension and spiritual evolution of this planet, and ourselves. 

Golden Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra

Support for the solar plexus chakra. When you need courage, comfort, love, help with loneliness, isolation, lack of confidence, and standing outside of your power, encourages new starts, hope, connection to the divine and much more.

Higher Self Connection

In meditation.  You can add in a mantra if you wish or you can say your own name in your mind.  Dive as deep as you want and sit and learn to be at peace with yourself, this body, this incarnation, this particular chapter of your soul's journey through time. You can also use it to travel back or into the future.  To meet different versions of yourself and all you have been or can become.  It can centre you firmly to the present moment and all that is. It's useful for working on creative projects like writing, music and  business ideas. It's useful for shadow work when used in conjunction with the Midnight Indigo spray, adding layers of depth and nuance to travelling back into the void.

Hope – Positive Mindset

What it says on the bottle, helps to combat negative thoughts and promote a positive mindset. Helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and believe that tomorrow will be better.

Jade – Higher Heart Chakra

For any immune related disorder, for colds, flu, to prevent infection spreading, when travelling, visiting or staying in hospital, for light activation work, good for those that give too much and then get run down. A must have for healers or anybody in close contact with the public.

Kali Ma – Warrior Goddess, Liberation & Rebirth

For banishing fearful states, for inspiration, creating forward movement, clearing a path and moving towards life purpose.  Healing mother wounds, assistance with mothering.  Letting go and release, clearing darkness and lower energies (in the astral too). When you are stuck in your comfort zone and need a kick up the backside, Kali will drag you out of it

Lavender Soul Star Chakra

Support for the soul star. If your soul star is closed to help, I, Archangel Metatron, can open it with your permission.  I have stood by, waiting for the moment when you welcome my love and light into your body in this lifetime.  Because we have surely met many times before!  I am not a new being to you.  We have danced and worked and lived many lifetimes together.  Some painful and some sad.  Indeed some of you still cling on to your sadness, whether from this life or the last.  Let me soak up that grief and sadness with my lavender light.  It is a process that can be done whenever you ask.

Lemon Joy& Happiness

Helpful for Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression (please seek medical advice too - there is no shame in seeking help from a doctor.)  Great for working with children as well as inner child work as it helps to build confidence and self-esteem.  Helpful for study and focus.  Lifts energy in rooms and buildings and is a good general spray to have around the house, for example to spray after arguments to restore positive energy.

Mary Magadalene - Divine Feminine

For strengthening your own feminine side, relationship difficulties, intimacy issues, twin flame partnerships, useful for when you feel depleted or broken, also after any significant shock or setback.

Master Jesus - Christ Light

For nurturing self, forgiveness, opening to unconditional love, dissolving judgement & blame, ending suffering and bringing one back into alignment with the soul self.

Merlin Connection & Mentorship - Ascended Master

To connect with Merlin’s energyA ‘getting to know you’ spray – an introduction to who he is, how he works and his energy signature.


Merlin's Woodland Brew - Nature Spirits Portal Spray

This spray has multiple uses and can be used in ceremonial work to request elemental balancing, protection from, for example, fire or flood (via use in energy grids and on spiritual altars). It also brings creative inspiration for sowing your own vegetables and fruits, becoming more self-sufficient, as well as planting a garden of flowers, for decoration, the bees or for use in tinctures, dyes and tonics.  It also aids deeper connection to the behaviour and language of the animal kingdom including your pets and opening us up to interest in new species collectively, as well as their preservation.  Also serving to recognise the importance and observation of the stars, the moon and nature's portals and calendar - when to reap and when to sow, when to welcome and when to let go. Opens people to the fairy kingdom, the gnomes, sprites, dragons and all elemental creatures, helping you to channel their energies, maybe write about them, paint them, and in addition you may be surprised at what you can see or capture on film or just energetically feel their presence as they show up! 


This spray is our own version (with modifications) to the centuries old essential oil recipes that helped to fight infection and strengthen immunity (Thieves or Pirate’s oil).

Midnight Indigo – Light in the Darkness

Use Midnight Indigo in times of stress, trouble, fear or worry.  It's also excellent for protection and helping us see the way ahead when our path seems blocked and the answers unclear. Great for shadow work in connection with the Sunrise New Dawn spray

Mother Mary – Harbour Light

The Divine Mothersupports with any issues or difficulty around mothering, or how you were mothered. Provides the gentle loving support of a mother, a safe harbour to come home too, a listening ear.

Magenta Bridge – Time & Self Mastery

This spray helps you be in sync with your day, life chapter, age, and season. It helps you slow down when you need to rest or pause, recover, or convalesce, it also helps you get motivated when you need to focus and attend to a task at hand. A useful trick is to spray it around you before the start of a busy day – it helps you complete what needs to be done, but also to be present whilst doing so. Gets you back on track, it shows you what is significant today, giving the strength to do it to the best of your ability. It clears mind clutter, scattered thinking and that which is meaningless. Magenta will take you by the hand and say ‘You’ve got this’.

Pink Lotus – Heart Chakra

Opening up more to living from the heart, for grief, healing heartbreak, relationship difficulties, being open to receive love and help from higher realms, cleansing old programming (love heals everything), inner child work, letting go of past hurts and much more.

Quan Yin – Mercy & Compassion Ascended Master

Helps connect to the energy of Quan Yin. See the best in yourself and others by demonstrating love and mercy in your words, open to all who strive to be a better person and to create a more loving planet. Encourages us to hold compassion and mercy for ourselves and others but also to practise self-care.

Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release

Can either be used in person, or at a distance, to support those about to pass over, to help them feel safe and unafraid of the journey to come. Helps them to let go.  It can also be used after death to help the soul find peace and love and assist on its journey back home.  It has been used many times in ceremonial work at funerals or by simply releasing the last contents at the time of scattering ashes.

Rainbow RayUpgrade and Expansion

Chakra upgrade & expansion, for dimensional frequency upgrade (portals, moon phases, ceremonial energies), to help you step into all you came here to be, when facing times of darkness & despair, for times of celebration, rites of passage e.g. honouring milestones - be it big birthdays, or achievements, a great 'party' energy as the angels love having fun and spreading joy.  An uplifting spray helpful for anytime it's needed.

Rose Gold - Stellar Gateway Chakra

For useduring meditation, visualisation work, astral travel, accessing wisdom, spiritual truths, aura repair work, prayer and any deep spiritual process. Rose Gold is also very protective.

Rose - Inner Child

For embracing, healing, listening to and incorporating your inner child into your life once more. We all have issues stemming from childhood that affect who we are  today. This spray can help us heal those wounds and parent our own inner child, give it the love and understanding we may have missed out on. Helping us to be whole adults.

Sanat Kumara – Love and Light Activation - Ascended Master

This spray helps us connect to Sanat Kumara. He can help call in your soul mate, understand the twin flame journey, channel and connect into a love connection energy if you are a reader or healer. Get ready for love appearing in your life, clearing blocks and softening your walls to allow love in. Encourages unity, coming together. Helps the planet ascend to holding the highest timelines of love and light possible. Helps us walk in love, talk in love and BE love. To ignite the flame of love  in ourselves.

Sapphire Peace

Can be used whenever we need calm.  It works and complements the Flame Attunement and Connections Spray, Rose Inner Child spray and any other spray that you would like to use from a place of peace. Connect into Metatron’s Blue Sapphire Ray of Divine Peace and allow your body and mind to be still. Don’t force it, judge or cajole it. Just allow the SPACE and TIME to be. Even for a few minutes a day, use this spray to help you find that.

Silver Crown Chakra

To support the energy of the crown chakra. Silver is for protection, openness, accessing the spiritual gateway and for filtering negativity. Not only can silver be excellent for opening the crown chakra but it acts as a first defence in your energy field, keeping your own energy body intact and whole.  Use it to repair any holes in the aura, or any places weakened by the negative behaviour or actions of others. Silver light can be blinding and is powerfully used to deter those of lower energies from entering our vibrations.  It can be a shield that protects us allowing us to really open up and use all of our senses to experience the spiritual world around us.

Spiritual Protection

Use at the start of your day and before bed.  Spray around the whole aura including your back and Alta Major point (small hollow at back of neck.)  Breathe in the scent.  Ask for protection and easy flow of positive light into your being and aura.

Sunrise New Dawn – Light in the Dark

For ANY time a new perspective or beginning is sought.  Great to be used first thing in the morning to welcome in a new day and imbue it with positive energy and thoughts.Can be used with Midnight Indigo for shadow work.

Tangerine Blush – Sacral Chakra

A tonic when feeling stuck, healing trauma/shock stored in the sacral area, anytime you need divine love. Helps with creative pursuits, sexual problems. If you need support or inspiration for new initiatives or relationships and bringing Metatron’s love close to you. This is a very multi-purpose spray and, like other sprays, can be used for many purposes.  If you are drawn to its colour and energy use it!

Tanzanite – Third Eye Chakra

Support for our third eye chakra. Opening up our intuition/clairvoyant abilities, freeing up artistic abilities, sinus and headache problems, helping to see clearly into the future as well as present day, connecting to the light matrix and the ability to see beyond time and space, seeing our own lives from a higher perspective.

Teal – Alta Major Chakra

Support us to let go of old thought forms, for balance and inspiration.  Also beneficial for neck and shoulder problems.  Useful in Kundalini Yoga for work with the spine.  Helpful with any sight, hearing impairment or head related problem e.g headaches. (This spray should not replace any medical assistance already being sought or adopted). 

Tree of Life

Teaching aid, when stuck, unsure of where to go or next step to take, deep meditation space, connection to your soul and spirit, expansion of self understanding, seeking a higher understanding of a life situation, connection to any of the Archangels upon its branches: Archangels Metatron, Tzaphkiel, Raziel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Haniel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sandalphon and Holy Spirit.

Unicorn Sprays

Unicorn Unity 7th Dimension Connection Spray

Use any time you feel stuck in old duality mindsets of light and dark and want to understand how all parts make up the whole. 7th dimensional unicorn energy leads us towards New Earth and our part in helping its arrival. Great for grid work, ceremonial work, marking portal events, healing, meditation, initiating new projects in the best energy, For teamwork and your own self development.

Rainbow Unicorn – Playtime and Creativity

Connect with the unicorns! Helps lift the mood, party, celebration and anniversaries or on any day that you want to be a little more special! To help with creative pursuits, making work feel fun again, to bring a sense of companionship and get yourself out of any funk!

Healing Unicorn – Rest and Receive

For burn out, fatigue, depression and any area of healing that is getting you down mentally or physically. For taking stock on how far you have come, not on how far you still have to go, for making the most of holiday seasons, celebrations and ‘duvet days’ – for anytime that a pick me up is required or when depleted and needing rest.

Violet Dragon - Master Clearance and Danger Defence

Helps on all levels of being.The Violet Dragon means business – it works quickly, snaps you out of lethargy and despondency, shakes loose lower energies you may be holding or attracting and can be always called on when you need a boost and its support. Clears a path through obstacles and protects us from danger.

Wood Dragon Connection and Support Spray - Luck, Success, Growth and Power

Helps us with speaking up, going for your goals and dreams. Supports you to maximise the opportunities in a lucky Dragon year, to create determination to not give up, to help you prepare and protect yourself for all eventualities, to help you detox and let go of old energies and patterns, to be an awakening buddy both for newbies and more mature walkers along the spiritual path. Or it can be used to just to add another dragon energy into your life, to let it teach and talk to you! 

White Light – Pure White Light Download

White is an amplifier energy and so this spray will help amplify anything that you are doing. Use it in manifestation as well as to boost healing. This is also a great clearing spray, you often hear Amanda say “Cancel Clear Delete” this is the spray to use after you have done that, it wipes the slate clean and purifies your energy

White Sage Smudging Spray

Spray around any area/room/personal space where there has been a build-up of stale, old, negative or toxic energy. For example, after an argument, bout of ill health, negativity etc.  It's also helpful to clear electro smog from computers, TVs and other devices.  Useful for both before and after spiritual session work, as well as clearing crystals and oracle decks (put them through a light mist with intention).  Also useful to ward off bugs and airborne bacteria and in ceremonial work to help let go of old energies, habits and behaviours. Use in the same way as you would sage smoke. 

Archangel Sprays

Archangel Chamuel– Love and Beauty

Anytime love is needed!

Archangel Gabriel – Soul Calling and Guidance

When unsure of decisions to be made, when needing a message from the other side, when wanting closure and new beginnings.

Archangel Jophiel – Beauty and Wisdom

Anytime a pick me up is needed, when you're feeling down, studying and learning, needing clarity and insight.

Archangel Michael – Safety and Communication

Helps you to connect with Michael’s energy. Anytime protection is needed or you feel unsafe.  If you need support speaking your truth.

Archangel Raphael – Balance and Harmony

Anytime healing or balance is required. Compatible with all energy healing systems, and for self healing too.

Archangel Uriel - Loving Service and Light

When seeking direction or motivation. When needing insight upon the spiritual path, when lacking trust and faith, when angry and frustrated and needing to find inner peace. When in need of a spiritual ally. Helps calm energy during natural disasters (can be sent at distance.)

Archangel Zadkiel – Forgiveness and Transmutation

For purification, forgiveness, violet flame energy and seeking transmutation of old/toxic energy.

Elements Sprays

Air Element

Good for headaches, asthma, emphysema or any lung condition, clarity, fresh thinking, new perspective, stress, panic, fresh starts, clearing physical space, pollution and toxins.

Cosmos Element

Be all that you came here to be.  You are so much more than you realise, and not just the world is available to you.  You can also access the wider universe from which everything is created.  By working with this Elemental spray (which makes up the mysterious fifth element) you dive into fifth dimensional consciousness and are able to be the master of your own world, creator of all you see and do, and allowing universal law, energy and love to run through you.

Earth Element

Grounding. Useful for travelling/settling in to new places and situations, ley line work, visiting sacred sites, feeling safe, connecting to nature and any lower body muscular, skeletal or joint problems.

Fire Element

Purification, manifestation, kick starts, physical energy, protection, ambition, direction, "burning away" viruses/colds etc, rheumatism and other muscular and skeletal issues.

Water Element

Helps to keep things flowing emotionally. Working strongly with the emotional body, this energy helps to maintain equilibrium and restore balance.  Used regularly, it can be a valuable helper in regulating emotions.  If the need to cry and release tears is needed, this can aid that process.  If tears have come too often, it can act to dry them and direct energy elsewhere to strengthen and fortify, or whatever is needed.

Children’s Sprays

My Super Power

Helps you step into your power (adults too!) You have the power. No one else is you, and no one else can do what you do. You are LOVED.  Believe that - you are LOVED. Now step into your superpower. It is yours and no one else's - all that matters is you.

Sweet Dreams

For those who need help sleeping, not just children. Helps wind you down to get ready for sleep, calming, connects to the blue ray of divine peace.

Fear Fighter

Exactly what it says on the bottle – fights fear, also very good for anxiety, overwhelm, starting new schools. Not just for children, adults can benefit from it too!