Hi Everyone

Every winter we have a problem with sprays freezing, expanding and breaking the glass bottles. This means we have to replace orders and pay for shipping again, sometimes more than once. Last year we trialled decanting the sprays into PET free acrylic bottles and thankfully it worked like a dream. We didn't have a single breakage all winter.  We decant your sprays into one of these bottles and we also send you the regular glass bottle and atomiser of course. All you have to do is transfer the spray back into to the glass bottle when you receive it.  I know it's a little onerous but it's much better than receiving a pile of broken glass.

Last year we had a list of places that got particularly cold but it grew and grew throughout the winter. We had to check the weather in each place before sending an order out, to see whether we needed to decant it or not.  This year we are asking you if you could please try to remember to let us know in the comments section of your order, whether it is freezing where you are. Just say "PET bottles please", or even just "FREEZING". Anything to alert us. It will save us so much time if you tell us rather than if we have to look it up for each order. 

If you forget to add it to the comments you can email us at and tell us there. Thanking you in advance.

Love and Light

Tracy xxx