New Heavyweight International Service from Royal Mail

Hi Everyone!

Tracy here with some great news for our international customers.  Royal Mail have recently introduced a new heavyweight international service. As you will know if you have ordered sprays from us before, there has previously been a weight limit of 2 kilos on international parcels.  This is no longer the case.  In theory the new service can accommodate up to 30 kilos, however, we don't have the facility (or the muscles) to handle such large weights!  So we have introduced a new category from 2 to 5 kilos which we think will be popular. This should be really helpful for those of you who want to buy more than one oracle deck for instance or a couple of sets of sprays (doesn't the chakra set look gorgeous in the new bottles?) which hasn't previously been possible.

If you would like to order more than this we can accommodate up to 10 kilos but you will need to contact us first.  Just email us at and let us know your requirements - we can then get you a price and invoice you.

The new service is pretty widespread across the globe but it doesn't cover every country, so if you get a message saying there are no shipping options available for your area, again get in touch with us to check.  Most of our international customers are covered though.  Here is a list of the countries who can access the heavyweight service:


Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechia.

Price for shipping 2 to 5 kilo weight to the countries listed above is £25.00

Rest of World:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE.

Prices as follows:

USA price for shipping 2-5 kilos is £49.99

Canada is £39.99

Australia/NZ/China/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Singapore/Taiwan/Thailand

is £49.99

Japan/South Korea/Vietnam is £55.55

Israel/Jordan/Lebanon/UAE is £39.99

Prices include packaging costs. The service is live now. A polite reminder as well to please remember to check the customs website local to you to check how much import tax etc. you might be charged. Larger orders will of course attract larger charges so it is a good idea to check. If an order is returned to us due to non payment of these taxes we can't refund the shipping charges and there is also an admin charge of £5.

Christ Consciousness Oracle Deck

Just a few words about the Christ Consciousness oracle deck (pictured below) while I'm here.  We are expecting a few more decks in the next couple of weeks hopefully but the majority of our order won't arrive until September.  We can't take pre-orders or email people individually unfortunately, so please keep an eye on Amanda's social media and make sure you are signed up to the newsletter for updates.

Newsletter Subscription

If you have subscribed to the newsletter but can't find it, please check the spelling of your email address, a lot of people have a typo in there.  Set your spam filter to allow emails from Shopify.  Always check your spam folder after the newsletter goes out too, a lot of them do go straight to spam folders as they are seen by your filter as marketing emails.  If you have done all this and still don't get one you might want to try signing up again, using a different email address.  Also check your other email addresses if you have more than one, you may have forgotten which one you used. If you are subscribed (and your email address is correctly spelled) you will be sent one.

Happy shopping!