Mother Mary

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Mother Mary – Harbour Light Into my safe harbour I invite you – for all are welcomed here – a space laid out for eac...

Mother Mary – Harbour Light

Into my safe harbour I invite you – for all are welcomed here – a space laid out for each of you – a light always on, a doorway always hear you, listen to you, comfort you…

You may come to me tired, angry, sad and in times of great joy – my greeting to you will always be constant and assured. I turn none away – those who are poor, those who are rich, those with nothing and those with everything – I see all as equal, all as deserving of my love, time and attention.

For those of you with broken hearts or minds that have shut out help, support or my love I ask you to take my hand and to realise you are not alone and that I am here.

A Mothers love is all encompassing and I love each of you as if you were my own – in truth we are all born of the same seed…the same line and the same Godhead …and I am present in every land, every culture, race and origin – for my calling is to all including Star seeds from many planets and places beyond time…for I am timeless – as is my love

It matters not from which faith or which stage of your journey you are on - I am of humble service to all at a time when many are feeling lost, abandoned and alone..

Life can be hard – I know this but you are never abandoned – my energy is around you and my hand upon your shoulders during times of struggle as well as triumph…through all of lifes great passage from cradle to grave my job is to watch over you…yet allow you growth..

For that is what a Mother does – and I am your Divine Mother – at times I will be there to help nurse you when ill or unsure – other times I will be the one pushing you out of the nest to find your own feet and own identity….for how else do you grow independent, strong and able to bloom into the rose that you are. If I need to be tough to help you learn and grow I will be – but never from a place other than for your own highest good.

My love is soft yet strong…I am and always was part of Gods plan – not a victim to it…my son not taken from me but delivered to you – we work in unison – me and Jeshua we walk as we did when here on earth…sometimes I had to chase after him as a child, and later at a distance I watched him grow into his mission which he carried out so beautifully…a divinely orchestrated plan to awaken all…

I was with him throughout his whole earthly life and have walked with him in spirit ever since….my mothers pain was only temporary as death is an illusion – none who love each other ever lose the other – souls don’t lose souls.

I had a calling when I was earthbound as Mary and so do you - but the calling to follow the path laid out is not bound by rules and conditions and attendance or duty – it is via following the path within your own heart…that is where you can find me to help guide you on..…

I come to you now as Mary, reborn and anew – the freshness and vitality of the young woman I was ready to take whatever steps were asked of me ….I recall those days of hesitation and apprehension – who was I to have such a calling?! Yet we are all called – and I call you now – for I understand the fear of starting anew, trusting with blind faith and having to take tentative steps – but in truth that is how we learn.

I am here as a safe port of call, a harbour light to which you can return to be given what you need ....for I know that at many times upon the path we need encouragement, comfort and a friend to listen, support and be there…

I am always there – I always have been and always be – the one to whom you can always return – my door never closed to anyone…

Bring to me any troubles or unhealed parts of yourself relating to how you were mothered and how you may now also mother others….

Parenting is not always easy and to those that have this task the journey never ends and there are many twists and turns and often no rulebook to turn to – let me be that book – a place of wisdom and learning that I gladly share.

A mothers love extends not just to children that she may or may not have – but to any person that you extend nurture and care towards. In those moments I am with you watching and delighting in your kindness and open heart to all you offer it to.

I also watch over the animal kingdom and can be called on for any problem a Mother may have in raising or protecting her young – I am often to be found with a Lioness who is raising her cubs and see the resilience and dignity she always shows – but I am with all mothers of the animal kingdom who need me too.

A mothers love that I extend can help any problem big or small – so come to me – my light is always left on for you to find me …..where the harbour is that is where I am ….in love Mary.

Channelled by Amanda Ellis May 2019


Essential Oils: Rose, Vanilla, Myrrh and Patchouli

Crystals: Pink Azeztulite, Mother of Pearl, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Rose Aura Quartz Sphere


Rose Aura Quartz is formed through the bonding of quartz and platinum and gold or silver to enhance the rose colour.
This stone has a dynamic energy that works on the pineal gland and the heart chakra by changing deeply held doubts about your self worth. Rose aura quartz will show you during meditation that unconditional love and a soul mate are within reach. Reiki or reflexology healing with this crystal will instil homeostasis within the physical body.
Rose aura quartz will enhance the knowledge that you are perfect as you are currently it will also dim the memories of being abused, deserted or rejected so that you can move forward with a lighter heart.
Rose aura quartz can ease the onset of puberty in girls and early menstrual difficulties in teens. This crystal is also thought to assist with the emotional problems that arise with a teenage pregnancy, especially if the young woman isn't supported by the father of the child. It is thought that rose aura quartz will assist in emotional and multidimensional healing, ameliorating anger, and soothing burns.

Artwork for this spray - Kate Bedell -


If you have any medical conditions we strongly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before using the sprays. We cannot recommend that the sprays are used in pregnancy and some oils should not be used if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure etc (see note below). You should also be aware that essential oils should be used with care if you have sensitive skin and sprayed away from eyes and mucous membranes. Of course they should never be ingested. Some essential oils can be phototoxic which means you should stay out of the sun if you get any on your skin. Always keep out of the reach of children too. If you are using the Children’s sprays with your child, please always supervise this and explain to the child that essential oils might smell nice but they are powerful and have to be treated with respect. Ensure that they are informed about safe usage in an age appropriate way. This safety information can be found on the website and is also contained in the leaflet you will receive with your sprays.

There is more information available on our safety page here: Safety Info
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Mother Mary
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