Beloved Joseph - Divine Protector

Beloved Joseph - Divine Protector

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Beloved Joseph Divine Protector
Our new Ascended Master spray recognises Joseph, Father of Jesus, and completes
our set with Mother Mary, Christ and Mary Magdalene.
Joseph, as he simply wishes to be called, arrives in our collection, and our renewed
consciousness, at a pivotal time for wider society.  We see around us the
devastation of where a certain type of patriarchal energy has taken us and we
celebrate the arrival of a new divine masculine consciousness that is less about the
old forms of power and control and more focused on love, compassion, sharing
and being heart-centred. Joseph was always about that but maybe we as a species
weren’t ready to fully embrace HIM.  He lay in the shadows of the story of Christ whereas his contribution, energy and steadfastness was an
integral, necessary part.
Now, however, we need Joseph's guidance, light and solidity more
than ever before and he comes in as a humble steward to help lead us, heal us
and ‘have our back’.  You may find as you spray this that you can feel the
presence of Joseph at your back.  He will be protecting and holding you, whilst also gently encouraging you on, helping you find courage if gripped by fear and
indecision.  He brings in determination and drive by helping you finding your own
strength but not at anybody else's expense.
Joseph himself models a lack of ego.  He presents an air of humbleness and ‘getting on with it quietly’ without the need for praise or recognition.  This spray has the intention of helping you connect into his extraordinary energy.


It helps with:- 

Raising and teaching children.

Healing father wounds - those stemming from abandonment, not having or knowing a father and also the grief of losing a father.

Helping with fathering, whether you are the biological parent, step parent, guardian or are simply asked to be a male role model in the community.

Holding together a family after a tragedy, misfortune, loss, poverty - ask him to ‘get you through’ and he will.

Making the best of situations/resourcefulness.  Fosters and encourages resilience and a 'can do' attitude.

Builds an awareness that it is in the everyday moments that we are truly granted a chance to serve God.  Truly embodies the spirit of 'chop wood and carry water.'

Being still, focused, completing the job or project at hand.

Strength to fulfil a spiritual life mission.

Putting the needs of others first when required like caring for a partner or parent.

Laying down burdens.  Including in situations as described above.  Joseph helps carry you, just as he taught Jesus to do for others.

Practical and creative endeavours, particularly engineering and carpentry.

Apprenticeships - and learning ‘on the job’.


Essential Oils: Galbanum, orange, ylang ylang, lemon, black pepper and yarrow. 

Crystal Essence: Blue amber, aragonite sputnik, copal, kaurilite, jet, selenite, imperial topaz, and desert rose (shared with the Mother Mary essence). 

It is interesting that of the crystals on that list blue amber, copal, jet and kaurilite all derive from fossilised or petrified wood.  Being around wood and trees helps us connect to Joseph and is an extra nod to his carpenter roots whilst he was here on Earth 2,000 years ago.

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