Teal - Alta Major Chakra Energy Spray

Teal - Alta Major Chakra Energy Spray

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The Alta Major Chakra point is situated at the base of the skull where it joins the neck, positioned just above the first vertebra of the spine.
We hold so much information and energy within our skull that the energy can easily become blocked at one or more points.  The Alta Major forms the base of an energetic star shaped energy field that links the following points together:
  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye
  • Ear Chakras
  • Sinus
When expanded, this star shape expands down to the throat and higher heart (including thymus) and upward to the soul star chakra too.  When all of these points are balanced and connected, it forms a Merkaba within and around the whole upper body space. 
The Alta Major also links to the hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland too.
As well as all this, due to its position at the top of the spine, it is also linked to the base chakra at bottom of the spine and the Kundalini/energy that rests there. 
Many names exist for this chakra including:
Well of Dreams, Mouth of God, Animal Eye and Zeal point. 
It is also a point of protection for the physical body and one that can get easily weakened by negative energy.  It helps to imagine a filter over it, only allowing in life affirming, positive energy of a high vibration.  Interestingly, I have read that the wearing of scarves around one's neck aids not just in physical warmth but helps protect this vulnerable part of the body.
Teal is the last of the 12 chakra energies within this system of healing.  Teal waited until we were ready to accept its gifts and remember all of whom we are.  We are so much more than physical beings.  We are linked to Source, Oneness and all that is. 
The Alta Major point represents another gateway for the the ebb and flow of Source light within.  That light, when filtered correctly, aids in the upgrade of many centres. 
Teal is a fifth dimensional colour energy that carries with it the life force of our world and the sun's light.  An energy of refinement, delicacy and high vibration is of extreme importance at this time in your waking consciousness.
Teal is a bridge between blue and green and offers peace, protection and strength from the blue and expansion, growth and healing from the green.  It's a protective colour that is also able to transmute lower vibrations and maintain higher consciousness. 
The Teal helps bring balance to the chakra points around the skull including to the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  It works quickly and effectively with laser like precision to fine tune sensory centres and ensure all are working in harmony with each other.  In essence, it concerns the realm of the MIND and it is the mind that has held many back from trusting and walking their spiritual path.  With 5th dimensional light coming into the mind with this energy, it dissolves and removes thoughts like 'I can't' and 'I fear' and replaces such sentiments with renewed focus, fresh perspective and light rather than heavier energy. 
I feel this spray has many more uses which will reveal themselves in time.  It appears to have a link to ancient Egyptian energy and is helpful with past life recall as well as healing past lives. 
Suggested uses:  Letting go of old thought forms, for balance and inspiration.  Also beneficial for neck and shoulder problems.  Useful in Kundalini Yoga for work with spine.   Helpful with any sight, hearing impairment or head related problem e.g headaches. 
(This spray should not replace any medical assistance already being sought or adopted). 

50ml Energy Spray.
Essential OilsStar anise, cardamom, frankincense and elemi.
"Star Anise has a beautiful, fresh, sweet, spicy, liquorice-like aroma.  It is produced from the seeds of an unusual fruit which grows on a small oriental tree.  The fruit is, as the name suggests, is star shaped, radiating between five and ten pointed sections, about eight on average.  These hard sections are seed pods.  The star-shaped fruit is picked before it can ripen, and dried and the oil is usually extracted from the seed via steam distillation.  In folklore Anise was believed to protect and was supposed to avert the Evil Eye"
Crystal Essences:  Clear quartz, ocean jasper, rainbow quartz, nephrite jade, almandine garnet in pyroxene, emerald, golden healer and rose quartz.

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