Golden Citrine - Solar Plexus Energy Spray

Golden Citrine - Solar Plexus Energy Spray

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This spray is for when you need a warm glow.  One that radiates from within and is created by your own sense of strength, confidence and accomplishment.

There is a power source within you that is underutilised, a divine power pack that is seeded deep within your core and often in need of a boost of Golden life force energy.

Like the sun can shine bright or be hidden behind clouds, your own resource can run low due to demands of everyday life, particular challenges, events or situations.

And yet for any dip in energy that creates doubt, fear, insecurity or panic, an answer lies within the Golden ray offered by this spray.

Linked to the energy of the sun, our source of light and heat, Golden Citrine bathes in liquid sunlight to go exactly where it is needed.  The colour of the bottle is similar to raw gold, a precious metallic nugget that is both light, high intensity and shiny, yet also tough and resistant to damage.

Any time you need a recharge of faith in yourself, trust in life or a reminder of your own power, use this potent healing energy to bring back the "fire in your belly" so that you are able to take on anything in your world and succeed.

These may be matters linked to career, love, finding your place in the world, acquiring new skills via training and education as well as the deep inner work required to value yourself and all that you are.  It also encourages you to recognise the many contributions you make to the lives of others and for we all contribute to the greater whole.  Our very presence is a testimony to our light and unique spark that is needed here on Earth.

If you tend to become depleted by giving away too much of that light and energy (including your time) then Golden Citrine will top you back up as it maintains the energetic health of the Solar Plexus at all times.  (NB: If boundaries are an issue for you, it is a good idea to also use a green spray like Emerald to reinforce boundaries in the first place.)

The Golden Citrine spray also encourages the remembering of ancient wisdom that lies within you, seeded via many incarnations and particularly linked to lifetimes of profound esoteric learning, for example, Ancient Egypt to remember and to bring back that fountain of information.

Golden Citrine reminds you of the treasure house you hold within yourself, helping to maintain and "polish" it so that you have the power you need when you need it.

An essential oil used within this spray is Davana.  We use a blend from the company "Star Child" and this is the description they provide:-

“Davana can be used to help the person recognise his own true self, improve self-image, and help to let go of anxiety and fear.  It may be used for initiation and transformation when crossing a bridge to another chapter of life.  It can aid the process of individualisation and may help you to work through psychologically self-defeating patterns that limit a person’s growth and progress and hold them back from self-realisation.  It is an oil that encourages belief in oneself and one's abilities.”

50ml Energy Spray.

Caution: This spray contains Juniper oil which should not be used if you have kidney disease.

Essential Oils:  Basil, ginger, rose absolute, juniper, jasmine, yarrow and davana.

Crystal Essence:  Golden healer, citrine spirit quartz, brazilianite, tetrahedron shaped fire agate and honey calcite. 

Suggested uses for Golden Citrine:  When you need courage, comfort, love, help with loneliness, isolation, lack of confidence, and standing outside of your power, encourages new starts, hope, connection to the divine and much more.


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