Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Aura Spray
Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Aura Spray
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Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Aura Spray

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"I, Mary, stood at the seashore with my feet in warm sand, the water lapping at them, and I remain there today on the coastlines of all countries, all continents and all people. I have watched tides come in and tides go out.  Stormy seas and calm waters waiting for your arrival in a boat of golden light.  For I have long searched for you, called to you and offered my love.

You are ready to embrace me, feel me and know me as I am ready to embrace, feel and know you.

My energy is calling out like a beacon in these times to help heal, and open hearts, bring forth your own innate feminine qualities and offer solace and nurturing for all that need it.  Whether male or female, young or old, of faith or not, the barriers are long gone.  I never truly existed within them.  My love is simply for humanity of any colour or creed.

I see your scars.  I see where you are depleted.  I hear the cries of your soul and witness the tears in your eyes.

I see your light and your beauty and will help you see that too. I will help you to cherish yourself.  To love and nurture yourself.  Isn’t it time?

I understand what it is to be shunned, to be misunderstood, to be judged and to be scorned.  But I offer you my hand, for I transcended all of that long ago and you can too.

I healed it with love, and love again.

Through a softening and opening of your heart space, I can enter.  My energy can warm you, and comfort you, all through the force of love - the most powerful energy known to this world.

My love is not to be hidden.  I will show you how to express your love too.  From romantic gestures and passionate moments, to the soft stillness of two beings holding hands in silence with no words needing to be spoken.

I am here to help you through all stages of love, as well as the letting go of it.  Be that through passage of time, sudden event or slow process of release.

I knew what it was to be loved, to be cherished, to be honoured as a woman in my own divine, feminine power and I am here to show you that this is available to all who seek me.

I honour all adult, consensual sexuality that has love at the core.  I also offer my hand of friendship to any who have been tarnished with sin, or accusation thereof, for love heals all, forgives all and conquers all.

My divine, feminine light is here now for everyone.  It's here for you and for your children's children.  I love the little ones and all who parent, support or guide these special souls too.

I am Mary and I stand before you now.  Come out of the boat where you have been adrift and let me dry your weary feet.

Love is here.  And love will stay."

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Tuberose, patchouli, benzoin, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine.
Crystal Essence:  Rose quartz, rhodocrosite, green beryl, pink kunzite, desert rose, almandine garnet and labradorite ammonite. 

Suggested uses:  Strengthening your own feminine side, relationship difficulties, intimacy issues, twin flame partnerships, useful for when you feel depleted or broken, also after any significant shock or setback.

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