Tanzanite - Third Eye Energy Spray

Tanzanite - Third Eye Energy Spray

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Tanzanite is our spray to open the Third Eye.  Before this, the energetic centre was a vibrational place of mystery.  To dare to see beneath the veil, to lift eyes up to the spirit and to be prepared to challenge the old ways of seeing the world – aided instead by new found esoteric light and understanding.  Are we ready now? I think we are.  Archangel Metatron certainly thinks so.  In order to see what has always been available to us, now is the time for this chakra to fully awaken and evolve.

Tanzanite is rare.  It is a precious gemstone and is within this spray as it offers an expansion of light into the Third Eye just when we need it.  Invariably, Tanzanite is described as a ‘breakthrough stone’ clearing away blocks, fear and heaviness and replacing it with heightened awareness.

In its violet and blue rays lies treasure and the ability to remove the seal that has blocked spiritual sight and sensorial upgrade.  For Metatron's Tanzanite acts as a purifier for all head chakra points - including the ears for hearing the spirit, the eyes for seeing the spirit and the crown for being blessed by the spirit.

Tanzanite truly is the liquid drop that sits upon the Third Eye, anointing it with love and opening up the secrets that have stayed hidden and at last can be claimed.

it is a powerful aid to meditation, channelling, connection to Metatron and the Angelic realm as Tanzanite clears a path to clearer linkage with spirit.  Used regularly, it cleans out old programming and ideas that you ‘can’t see’ or ‘can’t hear’ the spirit and replaces them with a new pattern that you can and you will.

Visualise your Third Eye as a beautiful, violet flower opening up further than it ever has before, knowing that this is safe to do under Archangel Metatron's protective care.  It is easy.  You can do this.  Expanded intuitive capabilities flow in.  Gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience allow Metatron to teach you in your own way and at your own pace.  This spray is a powerful aid to facilitate that process and is given lovingly by the spirit at this time for your own inner development.

Enjoy it and know that you deserve its riches.

50ml Energy Spray.

Crystal Essence:  Azumar, tanzanite, prophecy stone, rainbow kyanite, petagonite, chrysoccolla and blue halite.

Essential Oils:  Marigold, frankincense, myrtle, lavender, cypress, yarrow, neroli and spikenard.

Suggested uses:  Opening intuition/clairvoyant abilities, freeing up artistic abilities, sinus and headache problems, helping to see clearly into the future as well as present day, connecting to the light matrix and the ability to see beyond time and space, seeing our own lives from a higher perspective.