Crimson - Base Energy Spray

Crimson - Base Energy Spray

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Be at peace with your physical body, your imperfections and of course your inherent beauty.  Do not shy away from the ageing process, see it as a blessing to be here longer to experience more of what your soul came here to learn and be.

Search not for physical perfection, but inner balance and health.  Your blood, your bones, your physical organs are just as much a part of you in this lifetime as your soul that resides within it's temporary home.  So look after that home, your body, whatever its state, however you have been born or are now – look after it, nurture it.  Do not hide it or be ashamed of it.  Love it.  For you are it and it is you.  Look at yourself, truly look at yourself and see all of you. Do not just see the bits you like, but the bits you don’t and then make peace with them, and love them too.

For if you don’t love your body, who will? 

Within the crimson light we have life itself.  We have the heart pumping and the blood flowing, the energy you need to run and jump and dance and breathe.

Crimson light is within you and expanding out of you.  It has power and strength capable of transforming your home, your finances, your health, your support and your safety within this world. 

Breathe in the crimson light and let it travel where it needs to travel within you.

Spray it around you and feel the protection and sense of solidity.

Crimson love, Crimson strength, Crimson health, Crimson abundance.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Cedarwood, cypress, patchouli, ginger, elemi, rosewood and amrys.
Crystal EssenceHimalaya red azeztuilite, kambala jasper, petrified wood, eye of the storm merkaba, quartz cube, red tigers eye.