Archangel Chamuel - Love & Beauty

Archangel Chamuel - Love & Beauty

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Here is Chamuel and here is Love – the love that holds the answers to all.  The love that can stop you in your tracks, commands you to yield into a soft yet strong embrace and wraps you in an energy of perfect peace, stillness and support.

This is love at its most powerful, its most urgent and its most felt.  None can ignore this call back to love for it is your natural state, where you came from, who you are in essence ,and to which you return.

Chamuel teaches that we have all forgotten the true might of love when it is most pure.  Untainted by greed, sacrifice, judgement or demand.  We play out conditional love in our relationships here on Earth seeing the imperfect in another and judging it.  Yet true, unconditional love is within us all and in the one we judge so harshly.  If we could only focus on that and see that seed grow, we would cancel out the growth of negativity, blame and disharmony, for energy goes where it is directed.  If you direct it into pure love then you receive pure love.  If you direct it into blame you receive more to judge.  Unconditional love is within all things in this great universe that was made from the divine sparks of radiance and perfect love.

This love that Chamuel offers is a balm to all who are troubled, anxious or lost.

It is the wayshower that reminds us that all is well – all makes sense – that nothing is lost, and everything is to be gained by just surrendering into love's embrace.

To re-experience it means you can embody it more, return it and live it.

To those that wrong you, those that fight you, those that misunderstand you.  Your greatest weapon is not force or retribution but love, love, love.

This love steadies the heart, nourishes the soul and cares for your physical body.  It tends to wounds and battle scars and heals all.

Nothing is stronger than this love.  It shows compassion where it is needed, strength when times are tough, comfort to all who seek it.  It is not weak but the greatest force in this universe.

It holds within it the restoration of the Divine Feminine energy to come in and balance out the Divine Masculine energy.  Each of us needs to become acquainted with both aspects of ourselves.  The Divine Mother, The Goddess Archetype, The Fertile Feminine Earth and the all loving, non-judging, active, Alive Divine Male.  Chamuel knows that she can not operate in a world of just feminine light but needs the male counterpart too.  Hence her role in awakening all aspects to bring about balanced divine love here on Earth.

I, Chamuel, am here.  I offer the greatest gift of this love and implore you to bring it into your everyday lives, your surroundings and into your own heart.  You may be unaccustomed to it, need to get to know it but I will steer you, remind you and whisper to you the need for love to restore and replenish all.  I am here and all is well.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils: Rose, cinnamon, pink pepper and vanilla.

Contains a rose quartz crystal chip.

Crystal Essence: Rose opal, mango calcite, rose quartz and spirit quartz.

Suggested uses:  Anytime love is needed!

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