Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release
Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release
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Rainbow Bridge – Spirit Release

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N.B: This special Metatron Energy is NOT included in the Complete Metatron Chakra Support Set!

The Rainbow Bridge spray has evolved since it was first introduced into the Metatron range of Healing and Support sprays a few years ago.  Whilst its initial purpose and usage still applies, i.e. a tool to help the soul transition between this world and the next, both before and after death (and detailed messages linked to this specific use are found at the end of this updated guidance.)  But it can also be used in the ways listed below. 

1) Rainbow Bridge can be used as a mediumship tool.  Imagine building a Rainbow Bridge with the aid of the spray AND Archangel Metatron present, you can become aware of both this world and the one on the other side of the veil.  I have demonstrated this numerous times in my Heart Squad videos on YouTube but essentially it creates an energetic bridge linking earth and the next realm.  With Metatron present, it enables clearer communication and contact with those that wish to come through.

Please note Metatron will only allow those who have good intentions and light to come through.  It cannot be used and indeed would not work to bring through any lower energy.  It will also not bring any spirit through that you are not ready to meet.  Neither does it replace training in the field of mediumship.  It is simply a tool to help this journey if you are called to it.  It offers safe passage, protection and amplification of intuitive abilities to see, hear, feel and connect to spirit.  It works with you at the level you are at.

Ideally, when using the spray for this purpose use Earth Elemental, Emerald or Sandalphon Bronze to ground you after usage. 

2) Rainbow Bridge can also be used for energy release.  Everything is energy.  We know this and yet energy can get stuck within many aspects of our life including our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  You may have stuck energy that manifests as a relationship you cannot free yourself from, a mindset that imprisons you in negative thinking, or an energetic attachment to a place, title, life-stage or identity that you need to let go of.  The Rainbow Bridge spray, with its nod to water and sunlight, seems to acknowledge both what has been, what now causes discomfort and needs release, as well as welcoming in the new.  This piece of feedback from a user of the spray perfectly articulates this sentiment.

“It seems this spray is good for helping us to drop what is holding us back.  All those attachments to ego, to what we thought we should be … to release the life we think we should have and embrace the one that is working its way to us in divine order. It does this via lifting the veils between us and our higher selves as well as the veil dividing us from greater help from Metatron and all the angels.”

3) Rainbow Bridge can further act as a soul aid to pass over.  Facing passing over to our next life is simply about merging once more into the light from whence we came and that light is not separate from us.  It is the very substance we have carried within us whilst here on Earth.  Our physical bodies become depleted for so many reasons.  Some have the light snuffed out early through accident or violence.  Yet there is no such thing as a death that was not meant to be.  It may purely be a misunderstanding of what that particular soul wished to pursue/learn/experience whilst here.  The soul decides when death to the physical body happens and when the spirit shall be set free to begin its next journey in another dimension.  It may be out of reach but just as real as what we understand by life in the here and now. 

Do not battle death, or fear it.  Do not see it as your enemy.  It is just as much a part of the human existence as everything else.  Life does not make sense without death and renewal.  How else are we to evolve?

Allow Archangel Metatron to be with you, or the others you care for, when you face that Rainbow Bridge.  See it as the next stage of the journey and a return to that which is already known - not something that is alien.  See it for what awaits because it's love, love, love.  And it only comes when the time is right - not before.

The energy of Rainbow Bridge cannot propel anyone forward towards death any quicker than the soul has planned.  What this spray can do is help the soul find peace and comfort and amplify your connection to the angelic realms.

Additionally, the spray helps to purify the physical body and pay it the respect it deserves for having served the individual well in this lifetime.  The spray also carves a path of rainbow light for them to follow when the time is right.  It helps the person drop their responsibilities, burdens and concerns for those they are leaving behind and give all of this to Metatron to hold.  It helps tie up loose energetic ends as well as practical physical ones.

It is a multi-dimensional spray respecting any person's religious or spiritual persuasion.  It can help call in the energy of whoever or whatever has been a spiritual help to a person about to pass.  But only as long as it comes from the light.

It can either be used by the person to pass, for them in person or at distance.  It can also be used after death to help the soul find peace and love, and will it on its journey back home.  It has been used many times in ceremonial work at funerals or by simply releasing the last contents at the time of scattering ashes.  I have also personally used it to spray onto a tended grave.  A nod also from the one left that they still hold the imprint of the one they have lost within their heart here on earth.

A Footnote:

Benzoin was chosen as an essential oil and these words from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood seem apt regarding the oil's properties:  

"No matter what touches the spirit, the soul must be allowed to speak.  To be able to penetrate to the core of our being.  Persuasive and direct, it will open the heart and mind to receiving gifts which have been denied, allowing the spirit to receive from the soul, in feeling, knowing and just being".

Because at the moment of passing, the soul is in control.  It always is of course but we forget that in our earthly life.

The book also talks about the importance of fragrance to guide the soul home.  This is something greatly respected in other cultures, but which many of us in the West have forgotten.  

I get a strong sense of some of the people who will be helped by this spray.  I don't know their names.  I have just felt their energy.  And I wanted to say to each of them

"I hope you enjoyed your life.  I hope you ate nice things, met lovely people, had moments of bliss and sheer joy whilst here on earth.  But it is time to return home now.  Have no fear."

Metatron is whispering in my ear as I type, saying the Rainbow Bridge spray is "the soul's helper."

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Benzoin, juniper, ylang ylang and roman chamomile.

Crystal Essence:  Cathedral quartz, moldavite, imperial topaz and silver/gold healer.


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