King Arthur, The Holy Grail - Return of Camelot
King Arthur, The Holy Grail - Return of Camelot
King Arthur, The Holy Grail - Return of Camelot
King Arthur, The Holy Grail - Return of Camelot

King Arthur, The Holy Grail - Return of Camelot

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Let love rain down.
Let truth rain down.
Let justice rain down.
Let Liberty rain down.
Let equality rain down.
Let us unite as one to build that which we seek, to find what we search for and to
create, not destroy, the world we wish to leave behind after we have gone. Let us co-create, dream, manifest and work smarter not harder, utilising the best of our skills, talents and God given gifts.

Together we win.
Together we understand.
Together we master the art of living and growing with each other.
As one we stand strong, as a soul tribe united, we are invincible. Take my hand to guide and mentor but never to thwart, your own free will.

To ride into battle as one, to stand up for those oppressed, to live in union with the
land from whence we came and to which we will return.
To yield or surrender no part of ourselves that is by birth right earned, yet to be there
for anyone who requires help, as assistance will always be given.

The grand wheel turns as it does before each new age - seeds and codes within
awaken and grow, preparation and movement stir from quiet slumber.

He is coming they say...
Who is coming?
I and YOU are coming – WE are strong!
A grand arrival into a new state of being, a new consciousness, a paradigm shift.
A united mix of brethren from all corners of the Earth;
From all countries, races and creeds, a common goal – UNITY and PEACE.
Let Love prevail.
Let the Holy Grail be found in each one of us.
The missing piece.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Feel as it comes, believe it is so.
We sit in circle – we are here present, landed – of this age and time.
Warriors for Camelot returned, called by my signal once more - back to where we

To each other.
To our hearts.
To the earth.
To this sacred place.
Let us begin - one word at a time, one breath at a time, one day at a time.
Believe and Camelot will rise and you are part of its fabric and bones.
Standing for the light as we always have.
Welcome back – Welcome home.

King Arthur Channelled Via Amanda Ellis, May 6th 2024

Colours chosen for this special spray are:
Royal blue and pink amethyst – a nod to sovereignty and the mix of divine
masculine and divine feminine energy aspired to in a balanced self.

Suggested uses: helping to find your role and place in the world, accessing your
gifts and talents, community projects, undertaking a personal goal or when taking on
an appointed role or mission. Also for times when you are flagging or discouraged on
your path and doubting your soul mission. Helpful too for forging positive bonds,
helping navigate relationship dynamics. A great spray to use when tasked with
leading a project, or as a boss in general but will help all aspects of team dynamics
whatever position or role assigned. Wider spiritual use also, to align to the higher dimensional Arthurian template with high moral and social principals, to help be and demonstrate that and to sow it in the world. Working on mastering such qualities as loyalty, dignity, bravery, commitment, vision, charity, selflessness, honour, self-discipline, determination, and to walk the hero's journey understanding that every experience we have makes us who we are. To become the polished diamond, the trained spiritual warrior with soft heart, established boundaries and a will of iron.

To be victorious over our lower selves and to conquer that which we came to be in
this lifetime.

Essential Oils used:
Galbanum, amber, basil, bay leaf, black pepper, spikenard, myrtle, juniper and

Crystals chosen in the specially made crystal blend, include those with initials that
spell Arthur, and are 13 different types – representing the 12 knights and Arthur
himself (number 13). The 13th crystal is inside the spray itself and is clear quartz
representing the clarity and precision Excalibur brings. The others included in the liquid blend are:

Revelation Stone
Rutilated Quartz
Golden Labradorite x 3
Blue John
Petrified Wood
Imperial Topaz

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Wow! I used the spray immediately and felt so good.