Archangel Gabriel - Soul Calling & Guidance
Archangel Gabriel - Soul Calling & Guidance
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Archangel Gabriel - Soul Calling & Guidance

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A return to innocence.  A return to a purified state and a link back to your true divine state of being.

You came into this life knowing your mission, knowing who you were.  A divine child of God.  Your soul still remembers that even though your mind forgets as you grow and age here on Earth.

So I, Archangel Gabriel, guard your soul journey, I protect your soul as Michael and Raphael protect and heal your physical self.  I am aware of the important dates, events, people and situations that your soul has called out to experience in this life.

Once here living your earthly life, it is easy to get distracted or lost upon life's path.

It is my job to bring you back to the initial state of readiness that you came in with and to remind you when needed of why you are here, what you are made of, and how God can work through you in this life.  Each of you has a purpose and calling – a reason why you came, a job to do and something to be.

My messages come via many ways.  Through the soft breeze and the raging storm. Some of you may hear me, see me or feel my presence but I am with all of you when you need me most.

When needing guidance, when troubled at soul level, when you don’t understand the signs upon your path or the route you are going down, I will whisper and inform, I will prompt and cajole, I will warn and help you prepare.

I will also help bring about meetings that are important, create space and the right conditions for relationships to form.

I listen to your soul and I know you well.  I am with you through all stages of your soul development here on earth.  I knew you before incarnation and we will journey on long after this journey ends.  I help you gather what your soul needs for growth in this life before you are born, and I help your soul recognise the signs when it is time to come back home.

I act as an intermediary.  I can help send your prayers to God and your messages to another.  I link up soul groups, soulmates and all those who you are meant to connect with.

I have the best interest of your soul at heart for it is precious and so are you.  I help you feel your own unique identity and your soul essence.  I help you understand the nature of it.  I encourage reunion with soul brothers and sisters both here upon this Earth and at Cosmic and Galactic levels that can help you too.

You are never alone.  But your soul can become undernourished. I will prompt you to look after it, honour it and give it what it needs.  Whether that be quiet time, learning and further spiritual study (for the soul is hungry for wisdom) or just through listening to it's gentle voice.

I see you, I hear you, I honour you.  Call on me when you need my help and I will be there.

50ml Energy Spray.


Essential Oils: White camphor, clary sage, fennel and grapefruit.

Contains a clear quartz or moonstone crystal chip.

Crystal Essence: White argonite and moonstone.

Suggested uses: When unsure of decisions to be made, when needing a message from the other side, when wanting closure and new beginnings.

"No timidity surrounds Camphor, a fragrance of the Warrior Angel.  For freedom of the spirit and enlightenment Camphor protects the soul.  Camphor brings purification and cleansing and has done so for aeons.  For longer than we can imagine, the Camphor tree has been guarding the passages of life, a spiritual protector and guardian of rebirth." 

(Valerie Ann Worwood)

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