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Flame - Attunement and Connection Spray

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This is the spray to really help you connect to Archangel Metatron and develop your connection with him.  The colour ...
This is the spray to really help you connect to Archangel Metatron and develop your connection with him.  The colour orange is important as it is Metatron's colour and linked to the ascension and spiritual evolution of this planet, and ourselves. 

My Metatron guiding light, flame is bright orange.  It is a powerful flame that you can carry and have to hold, to light your way as you take your steps forward.  Whatever you are being asked to do (often by me) I will guide you.

When you think you can’t go on, I will push and carry you.

When you think it is too dark, I will light the way forward.

When you are asked to go out of your comfort zones, I will illuminate the path before you.

My light is inextinguishable, it is eternal, and it is always there for you.  When you forget me, I do not forget you.  I am beside you and willing to go wherever you go, and bring my light and power into all areas of your life and the wider world.

The orange light reminds you of your lion heart, the part of you that is brave and fearless.  The part of you that will step where you need to step, transform what you are asked to transform and be who you are meant to be.

When you feel unsure or uncertain, let me guide you.  Let me remind you of how to do it, or how to be.

Let my flame burn brightly and show you the higher truth in any situation.  It will purify any lower energies that are around you.  Use it as a complement to the violet flame, they have a similar energy and purpose. 

The colour orange is linked to your attunement to me and it is the path to what many of you call ascension but in truth, a better word is evolution. 

Orange is the colour for the future.  It is about enlightenment and joy.  It’s complementary colour turquoise asks you to trust and go with the flow.  Do not dictate or control.  Use the flame within you, which has all the answers you seek, where truth and love reside.

Flame is illuminating, Flame is purification, Flame is the light in the darkness, Flame is who I am – Archangel Metatron.

50ml Energy Spray.
Essential Oils:  Clove, sweet orange, frankincense, palmarosa, clary sage and ylang ylang.

Crystals used in the making of this Flame Spray are: Clear quartz platonic solid crystals (all 5 shapes), fire agate, orange calcite, snowflake obsidian merkaba and seraphinite.


If you have any medical conditions we strongly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before using the sprays. We cannot recommend that the sprays are used in pregnancy and some oils should not be used if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure etc (see note below). You should also be aware that essential oils should be used with care if you have sensitive skin and sprayed away from eyes and mucous membranes. Of course they should never be ingested. Some essential oils can be phototoxic which means you should stay out of the sun if you get any on your skin. Always keep out of the reach of children too. If you are using the Children’s sprays with your child, please always supervise this and explain to the child that essential oils might smell nice but they are powerful and have to be treated with respect. Ensure that they are informed about safe usage in an age appropriate way. This safety information can be found on the website and is also contained in the leaflet you will receive with your sprays.

There is more information available on our safety page here: Safety Info

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Flame - Attunement and Connection Spray
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