Sanat Kumara - Love and Light Activation Spray
Sanat Kumara - Love and Light Activation Spray
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Sanat Kumara - Love and Light Activation Spray

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Originally intended as a Twin Flame/Divine Counterpart/Soul Mate spray this new Sanat Kumara energy is multi-fold and almost doesn’t want to be labelled as just one thing.  Like love in its multi-coloured glory, which can take many forms, transcend time, evolve and be never ending, Sanat Kumara ‘himself’ has many roles and is tied to different legends and beliefs.  In all variations he holds the energy of universal love.

He is linked to Ancient Lemuria, where his light shone brightly as a teacher and guide during the middle Lemurian Age.  This was said to be 8 million years ago according to Alice Bailey, the 19th century Theosophist. who saw his energy arriving on Earth from Venus around that period. Clearly there is a link to the planet Venus and to the flames of light he brings to our planet today.

In Hinduism he is revered as a Rishi (enlightened sage or yogi) and as the son of Shiva and Parvati. In Sanskrit his name means ‘eternal youth’ – his shrine in Kataragama, Sri Lanka is a sacred place of pilgrimage for those of many faiths.

In Buddhism, he is known as Brahma Sanam-Kumara who resides in Shamballa.

In Christianity, the prophet Daniel is believed to be referring to Sanat Kumara, whom he called 'the Ancient of Days’. "As I looked, thrones were placed, and the Ancient of Days took his seat; his clothing was white as snow, and the hair of his head like pure wool; his throne was fiery flames".

In Zoroastrianism, he is their supreme God, Ahura Mazda.

In newer consciousness circles he is said to lead the Great White Brotherhood, and to also be the Twin Flame energy of Lady Venus.

So we can see that many come to Sanat Kumara's energy via different paths but all with a desire for greater understanding of love, purity and the highest possible expression of light and love activation in any one lifetime.

You will have travelled with Sanat Kumara before.  His energy is interwoven in every culture and tradition but it is coming forward again here to help us at a critical time, where we have a yearning for something deeper, richer, more instinctual, purer and bedded in divine love.

For love and truth go together – the union of what is real and lasting and worth fighting for.

As we launch this new spray dedicated to Sanat Kumara's energy, we know it wants to find its ‘own feet’ – that there may well be other expressions and ways he can help, derived from which path you are on and where you wish to ‘meet’ him. We have a respect for each belief system he is linked to and welcome feedback from all of you.  As a starting point though we can say so far:

You may wish to call Sanat Kumara in to:

  • Deepen existing bonds of love where there is still mutual consent – because love can never be coerced.
  • Help call in your soul mate/divine counterpart too – what this means in truth however, is to deepen your own healing and wholeness so that you vibrate at such a level as to attract in that whom you seek. As they say ‘what you seek is seeking you’.
  • Help understand the Twin Flame journey and where you are at on it, as well as better understand your Twin.
  • Channel and connect into love connection energy if you are a reader or healer.
  • Get ready for love appearing in your life – clearing the blocks and softening your walls to allow love in.
  • Be shown love in all its forms – to see the world anew from a place of appreciation and beauty.
  • To bring light into the darkness and heal it with love – either within yourself or the wider world.
  • To bring in unity – the energy encourages us to come together not divide further.
  • To help the planet ascend to holding the highest timelines of love and light that is possible.
  • To walk in love, talk in love, and be love.
  • To ignite the flame of love in ourselves.

Essential oils: Patchouli, rose, jasmine, ginger, orange, vanilla and narcissus.

Crystal essence: Carnelian flame, lemurian quartz, rose quartz and cintamani stone.

Cintamani stone has many legends attached to it and is said to be a ‘wish fulfilling stone’ within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions – equivalent to the philosopher's stone.



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