Commander Ashtar - Galactic Command
Commander Ashtar - Galactic Command
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Commander Ashtar - Galactic Command

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Ashtar Refill

Limited stocks of an Ashtar refill bottle are also available for £15. These bottles are not printed and don't have a label. They are meant to refill/be decanted into an empty Ashtar bottle. They come with a screw cap NOT an atomiser. Please don't purchase unless you have an Ashtar bottle to refill. 

I am Commander Ashtar but you may simply call me Ashtar, for we are now on personal terms.  Allow me to show you what you already know but have forgotten.  You are a child of the universe which is in turn so much bigger than you have ever realised.  We are not ALIEN.  We are part of you.  Nothing is separate within God’s creation and we are part of that creation just as much as the planets, stars, and myriad species of life within each part of galaxy upon galaxy, travelling through time zones, different dimensions and realities yet all united by this thing you call "life."

Life has many forms, and life is so much more than you realise.  Life encompasses energies, seen and unseen, tangible and intangible.  It was by Universal Decree that it was decided Earth was not ready until now to fully embrace it’s Galactic Heritage and unite with the greater whole from whence all come.  Simply put, YOU separated yourself from US.  We had not separated ourselves from YOU.  You were a great tribe that partitioned themselves away.  A Grand Experiment that was only supposed to last for a set time but yet has persisted for thousands of years despite many great Ascended Teachers coming to your lands.  Enough now.  It has been too long.  Allow yourself to come together with your greater Starseed family once again, and to see other aspects of yourself once more.

You have looked up forlornly to the midnight sky and wondered what was out THERE whilst not appreciating that what was out THERE was WITHIN YOU.

Veils were put in place to help you forget as humanity had CHOSEN a path of duality.  Earth became a school to compress your understanding and presence, to teach lessons through a dualistic model and to give you the GIFT of re-remembering.  Like a Jack in the Box, humans put themselves into a confined reality, mind set and existence to try out many lessons like what it is to be told what to do, how to think and what to believe.  Herd mentality created a prison that became comfortable for many inside this ‘box.’  You simply forgot you had the key to escape.

Mass Ascension Awakenings are now creating the new CHOICE to throw off this old paradigm, to strip back the veils and to reach out once more, regenerating into and claiming back the Creators you always actually were.  This experience will no longer have to be taught.  This is the last such Earth school to be closing it's doors (yes there are other ‘Earths’ but more of that another time.)  For now, know that enough humans upon your blue planet ARE creating the great shift of ages that will propel Earth back to its rightful place amongst the brightest stars.

Your Earth is not dying.  She is re-birthing.  And you as a species have decided to rebirth with her.

This time, the birth triggers an acceptance and acknowledgement of US – of all being one and all realms working together.  We do not look down on you as a race that needs saving.  We are here as you WILL choose to save yourself (that timeline is already assured, the Darkness lost, it just doesn’t know it yet.)  What I and my Federation offer is custodianship, stewardship, support and alliance through this transition.  The Federation I oversee is made up of representatives of all great species.  We have been waiting for you to re-join and have Fleet Members on Earth who gave us the call that you are now ready.

Until now, you have been bound up in stories, histories, and you have been defined by countries, language, colour and sex, yet these are all an illusion.  The greater truth is that you have within you Human, Angelic, Galactic, and Ascended Master lineage.

I come forward to remind you of your Galactic origins, your place in something much bigger than you know and to help you activate dormant codes and DNA within you that are ready to be rewired and put back online.  You are all connected to a much bigger grid than just Earth’s force field and via all 6 senses this will become more and more apparent to you with every passing Earth year, and it will now accelerate.

You find me through great light.  The blinding skies, even when grey, hold my energy.  It lies behind cloud that obscures it.  With my fleet I patrol the skies.  I create portals within the skyline and windows where you can see my ships and my own signature.  I come through lightning and any light phenomena within your skies.  If you look to the horizon of any great clear plain, be it desert, sea or prairie you will find me.

Just a few breaths out of sight.  Yet I have always been there.  Waiting, holding, observing, participating and steering this planet which forms part of my remit to watch over the wider universe.  This was my instruction given from Source – what you call God – and to which I serve faithfully.

I am a Galactic Ambassador going where the Creator sends me.  To planets of great need.  And your Earth has been sending out cries of help for decades.  For each one of you that called me in, I was able to move one step closer to the greater whole of humanity, waiting for the time more would be ready to remember.

That time is now.

I come in peace.

I come in love.

I come in unity.

I come because you called me.

I can look however you wish to perceive me.  You have learnt this from the Angels, no? That spirit takes many forms.  We appear as you expect us to appear.  But in truth we can shape-shift into any form, texture, colour frequency or sound.  You are also able to shape-shift.  Again more of that another time but the ability is within you.

I primarily come to you on the silver and blue rays.  I am comfortable there.  Yes even Commanders of the Universe have their place of familiarity yet do not put me into a box similar to the one you are breaking out of.  There is no box.  There is just expansion, freedom, evolution, growth and light.  So much light.  It can be blinding.  That is why I often shield you from the full extent of it.  Your circuitry needs to rewire (and it will) to see me as I really am - similar to Archangel Metatron who has invited me here to be with you as "he" too is too large a frequency for the naked eye.

Even those who have documented how we look have only seen one ‘suit’.  We wear many.  What you call the alien race, but I prefer to call the Galactic Race, can be small, large, smooth, furry, bright, matte, hard, soft, fluid, fixed, ‘humanoid’ looking or simply cellular.

Do NOT label us.  That is an old Earth habit that needs to end. Our Tribe is many, varied, but all magnificent expressions of creation.

Come get to know us, get used to me. 

I am here because I am part of you.

Those of you called to work and be present with me now will receive downloads of my frequency to re-calibrate your own physical vessel, your body, to hold more light, more wisdom and more functionality.  You are not all from the same line.  I am able to re-calibrate your vessel whether primarily Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and so on in origin.  Although you are actually all combined, but we start where you first identify.

I offer you protection whilst opening up galactically a safe passage through any portal or place of visitation.  Through me you will only meet those working for the light.  I only offer light.

I am Ashtar.  It is time. Let us get to know each other.  WELCOME.

Suggested uses:  Connection to Galactic Realms. Calling in Soul Tribe.  Galactic grid work. Protection whilst Astral travelling. Higher connection.  Opening up higher chakras including the Causal chakra. Cellular upgrade and activation of dormant codes within the body – it is suggested to use either the Earth Elemental, or Crimson Base Chakra spray after this to ground you.  

As with all aura sprays, do not use when driving or operating machinery, they can take you out of body and are a meditation aid.

Essential Oils:  Lemon, rose, pine, peppermint, orange, benzoin, thyme, yarrow, cedarwood and cinnamon.

Crystal Essence:  Bismuth, blue obsidian (star being head), silver leaf jasper and titanium flame aura.


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