Sweet Dreams Children's Spray - Special Offer!
Sweet Dreams Children's Spray - Special Offer!
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Sweet Dreams Children's Spray - Special Offer!

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Let me, Archangel Metatron, guard you through the night time hours just as I do the daytime ones.  My care for you is 24/7, 365 days of each year, for every decade of your life.  From babyhood to old age.  In truth, more angels sent by me watch over you as you sleep at night, as we know darkness has always been something that troubles some.  But we know there is nothing to be afraid of.  Still we keep guard over you, allowing your body, mind and soul to rest and be welcomed into the warm embrace of sleep that nourishes, replenishes and helps you recharge each night.

Night time is special.  The dark skies herald the arrival of the silver stars and magical moon in all stages from waxing to waning, to full, to new, to Eclipse too. The wise, loving man on the moon is true if you believe him to be so.

Let moonlight guide you just as the sun's brilliance does during the day.  The white moon has the power to reflect and amplify that which you give attention to so make sure your last thoughts at night are positive affirmations and loving intentions for yourself and the day to come.  Ensure that you give gratitude for all in your life that is good, and set an intention to love yourself a little more tomorrow with gentleness and grace.

With my help, allow your mind to soften and relax.  Allow the night time shadows to fade and be replaced by angelic friends beside you so you can rest and settle down to sleep and the world of pleasant dreams. Give any cares or worries to me and allow my wings to engulf you, keeping you warm, comforted and supported.  You will feel my love.

In my care and guardianship, no night time terrors or nightmares may pierce through the veil. Instead you will have sweet dreams that help balance you, heal you and bring you peace.

Become like the owl who relishes the dark.  This is his time, when he can soar, see through the night sky to that which is beyond, horizons far and wide.  The night offers your soul the chance to fly free and connect to loved ones who cradle and look after you from both sides of the veil.

No intrusion shall be allowed under Archangel Metatron's watchful gaze. Instead you will receive safe passage through the night until the morning rays appear and a new day arrives to greet you.  I will be there as you awake just as I am there as you fall asleep.  Rest now little one.  All is well.  Sweet Dreams.

Please note we do not recommend these sprays for children under the age of 3

50ml & 30ml Energy Sprays.

Essential Oils: Lavender, roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, ylang ylang, linden blossom and vetiver. 

Crystal Essence: Hypersthene 'The Stone of Rest', green opal ('The Stone of Tranquility'), moonstone and spirit quartz.

Hypersthene - channelled through Katie Jacqueline in 2008. 

"A stone that helps induce states of deep relaxation, eases insomnia and can act as a guide during the understanding and curbing of nightmares. Hypersthene can also help the being to find the root cause of ‘sleepwalking’, then working toward it being lowered or even stopped.

Also, Hypersthene can help bring calm and stability during times of stress, pressure and tension. It is a stone that works to ease feelings of being overwhelmed, quieting the mind and soothing the soul.

Hypersthene brings grounding and connection. A stone that helps to lift away feelings of loneliness, emptiness and loss. Alongside this, Hypersthene will become a guide and support to the being living with PTSD and C-PTSD.

This stone awakens courage and confidence, whilst teaching the importance of self-belief and self-worth. Hypersthene is the perfect support for the being that has been bullied or abused, helping with healing and inner-strength.

Alongside this, Hypersthene can help to ease the effects of hypersensitivity, anxiety, stammers, tics and tremors, as well as Tourette’s syndrome.

Hypersthene calms over-stimulated energy centres, as well as helping the being to connect with guides and ancestral wisdom."

Available in 30ml and 50 ml sizes

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