Level 2 – Metatron Distance Course – Practitioner Level
Level 2 – Metatron Distance Course – Practitioner Level
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Level 2 – Metatron Distance Course – Practitioner Level

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Please note, you must leave 3 months between finishing Level 1 and starting this course to give the energy a chance to integrate. If you're not sure if you are eligible to start Level 2 you can email Michelle on amandaellisinfo@gmail.com for advice.

Some feedback received about the Level 2 course:

"I have to share with you how much I've enjoyed this course!  It has been the most perfect training at just the right time!  It is such a good balance of structure and flexibility - allowing each of us to embody/express Metatron's energy and message in our own unique manner.  I found both levels to be incredibly empowering and I can't wait to see and experience what happens next!  Extending my deepest, heartfelt gratitude to AA Metatron, Amanda, you and all of the Angelic Celestial Colours team!  You are all making dreams come true! (Amy Jensen, Level 2 Graduate)"

Taking your healing journey with Archangel Metatron up to practitioner level:

Enabling you to practise on others and be of spiritual service - suitable for those just interested in self-healing also.

A multimedia course designed by Amanda Ellis, founder of the Metatron Colour Healing™ System and the Metatron Healing sprays.

Designed to be completed at your own pace and in your own time - now accessible wherever you are in the world. This distance programme has been developed from many successful Level 2 workshops run by Amanda for a number of years. Simply put it includes what works, what is achievable and able to be integrated and then offered to real life situations and healing.

Once your booking is received you will be sent full instructions on how to access your videos.

Please note all course materials are sent via the Mailchimp email system.  By purchasing this package you are giving permission for Angelic Celestial Colours to subscribe you to our Level 2 Course Materials mailing list where we will hold your name and email address for the duration of the course.  Please do not unsubscribe until the end of the course otherwise you will not receive all of your course materials.  On receiving your certificate we will delete your details from Mailchimp. This is to ensure that we are complying with the GDPR regulations in Europe.

Level 2 looks at:

  • Review of sacred geometry
  • Explaining Metatron Healing to clients
  • Who are my clients?/Making a vision board
  • Where to work from
  • Metatron & working with other energies
  • The extended chakra system
    • Concentrating on working with the Earth Star, Alta Major, Higher Heart, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway chakras
  • Attunes you to be able to carry out hands on healing with Metatron's energy, as well as distance healing.
  • Templates given of how to carry out Metatron Colour healing include:
    • Cord cutting
    • Past life healing
    • Ancestral healing
    • Chakra balance/Light body activation
    • Inner child healing
    • Colour/sound bath healing
    • Editing scripts healing
    • Elemental healing
    • Distance healing
    • Overview of properties of individual colours (NB this is introductory level only)

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Level 1 Archangel Metatron workshop or distance programme completion 
  • A willingness to serve spirit and be guided by Archangel Metatron through a journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • To receive certification you will be asked to complete 4 Case Studies about healings you conduct during this Level 2 programme. In the UK Insurance is obtainable from Balens upon completion of this course.

This course consists of:

  • Attunement video
  • Elemental healing video
  • Distance healing video
  • Colour sprays video
  • Colour sound bath video
  • Past life & ancestral sound file recordings
  • 90 + page manual with illustrations
    • Exercises to complete
    • Case studies to complete (you are sent examples of previous students work to give you an idea of what is expected).
  • 10 Colour Healing sprays (these are needed for the healing work and for you to carry out case study work).
    • Rose inner child spray (inner child healing) PINK ENERGY
    • Crimson base chakra spray (ancestral healing) RED ENERGY
    • Fire elemental spray (ORANGE ENERGY)
    • Air elemental spray (BLUE ENERGY)
    • Earth elemental spray (BROWN ENERGY)
    • Water elemental spray (TURQUOISE  ENERGY)
    • Cosmos elemental spray (VIOLET ENERGY)
    • Emerald green - Renewal & Recovery spray (GREEN ENERGY)
    • Rainbow Bridge spray (across the veil work - numerous healing templates)

o   All sprays are 50 mls