Elements - Fine Art Print Set

Elements - Fine Art Print Set

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A set of 7 fine art prints on A4 size quality, thick card. These beautiful prints (from original artwork by Jane Delaford Taylor) can be used for grid or altar work or framed for your wall.  Included in the set:

Red – Safety, Strength and Power. The energy of the red ray. The ancient elder is here to teach you about the potent force of red. To find a solid foundation and stand in your own power (image shows an ancient elder holding a peace pipe on a red background).

 Fire – Dragon’s Strength. The Metatron Fire Dragon roars into your life, giving you strength, courage and fortification (image shows the Metatron Fire Dragon and a pyramid containing Metatron’s orange flame).

 Earth – Grounding and Support. Reminding you of the need to ground your energies into the Earth (image of rich, brown earth, trees and green shoots with a crystal quartz cube in the centre).

 Water  – Emotional Well-Being. Essential to life, water cleanses any stresses, pain or difficulties you may have (image of a dolphin swimming in the ocean and an Icosahedron in the centre)

 Cosmos – Mirrors You. What you feel is random, chaotic and disjointed in your world is a result of your scattered thoughts, words and feelings that you have sent out into the greater universe, either consciously or unconsciously (image shows a dodecahedron floating in the vast expanse of the universe).

 Air – Fly Free. Breathe, release, fly. Gain a bird’s eye view on life and soar higher. There are no limits (image shows a bird in flight and an Octahedron floating in the blue sky below).

 As Above So Below – Heaven and Earth. The rewards of heaven are accessible to you NOW here on Earth (image shows a beautiful tree laden with blossom)

 All images copyright to Amanda Ellis.  These 7 images also appear in the Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis and Jane Delaford Taylor (published by www.redfeathermbs.com 2019)