Welcome to the new Angelic Celestial Colours Shop!

Hello and a great big WELCOME to our new shop!

My name is Tracy and I run "Spray HQ" for Amanda, where I also make the sprays and my fabulous assistants Rachael and Michelle pack them up and send them out to you (you can see some photos of us pretending to work in Amanda's first blog post!)

We despatch the sprays all over the world, we are often asked if we send them to this place or that and the answer is absolutely, yes we do!

If you have ordered from Angelic Celestial Colours before you will find this new shop a little different.  The main difference is that the maximum number of sprays you can now order at one time is 15.  If you wish to order any more than 15 I'm afraid you will need to place a separate order.  This is because our new, super efficient system needs to work with a maximum weight limit.  You will be aware if you have ordered before that we have always had to split orders of more than 15 sprays anyway due to the restrictions on sending glass and liquids through the post.  I know it might be a slight inconvenience to some of you who do place larger orders but I promise that this slight inconvenience will be outweighed by the benefits of a more streamlined and efficient way of working.  We will be able to get your orders out more quickly and more reliably. You will also receive an immediate confirmation of dispatch and get your tracking details sent automatically which we have had to do manually until now - I am all too aware that if we were busy sometimes you got your order before you got your tracking information! I promise this will no longer happen!

I know some of you also had problems with the registration and log in process on the old shop.  Again this shouldn't happen now.  It is super easy and straightforward and designed to be user friendly.  You don't even need to create an account if you don't want to as there is an "Express checkout" function.

The old shop also wasn't compatible with ordering on mobile/cell phones or tablets but this one is!

We plan to feature regular blogs keeping you updated with news about the sprays, tips on using them and keeping them etc (although please do have a look at our new FAQ page if you have any questions about anything, you'll find lots of useful information there about all sorts of things).  We plan to feature different sprays each week telling you what they can help you with so hopefully you'll get to know them all really well.  If you have any questions or ideas for other blog/news posts then please do let us know at amandaellisorders@gmail.com we'd love to hear from you.

We would love your feedback on the new website too.  As with all new technology there may be some teething troubles, if you find one please tell us so we can put it right.  

So, the feature spray this week is of course the long awaited "Mother Mary - Harbour Light" spray! We must say a big thank you to Alan, our web shop designer, who took the photos of it.  I'm sure you will agree they are beautiful.  The bottle is one of our most gorgeous ones to date and the painting of Mother Mary as a new young mother cradling her baby is stunning isn't it?  Our grateful thanks to the artist Kate Bedell for painting it and also the new picture labels for the "Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine" spray and the "Christ Light" spray. This spray will now be called "Jeshua the Christ - Master Teacher" don't worry the spray is the same, we just wanted them to look like the family they are and of course the 3 of them are available as a set too.  As Amanda has said on the ACC Facebook page we have decided to discontinue the Mary Magdalene Teaching & Anointing spray once current stocks have sold out, so if you would like one then please don't leave it too long to get your order in.  The Tree of Life spray has also been discontinued.

We hope you enjoy browsing around the new shop.  Do let us know what you think!  Wishing you a wonderful Summer Solstice weekend.  The sun has finally made an appearance in this part of the world - hope you have some too!  Sending Love and Light to you all and thanks for dropping in!

Tracy x