How the Sprays are made….

All of the sprays we sell are handmade and packed and posted with love.  At Angelic Celestial Colours we have a dedicated team in the South West of England, led by Tracy Eden, who ensure that your sprays reach you in perfect condition. Tracy is an iTEC qualified Aroma and Complementary Therapist and also has many years of experience working as a PA and in the caring profession.  She came to Amanda in 2017 with a proposal to help make the sprays and despatch the orders – which in her own words she describes here …   

 “I discovered Metatron in 2016 when I did Level 1 with Amanda in Bournemouth.  It was a last minute decision for me, I suddenly got the feeling I was meant to do it - Metatron had given me his “special push” but I didn’t know that at the time!   A few months later, I was in the shower and this idea just popped into my head out of nowhere that Amanda was getting really busy and she probably needed help making the sprays now.  Having qualified in Aromatherapy back in 2006 I wondered if I could do it.  This thought gave me mega head tingles and an overwhelming sensation of YES you need to do this!  Every time I thought about it I got these tingles, they were actually quite uncomfortable and I knew I was supposed to take notice.  But I was too scared  – scared in case I was wrong, of not being up to the job, being rejected, oh so many things I was scared of then.  It was so far out of my comfort zone that it took me several weeks to approach Amanda about it.  By this time she was already looking for someone to come to her home and despatch the orders for her (at that time she did everything herself).  The thought of someone else getting “my job” because I let fear win finally goaded me into action!  I still didn’t see how it could possibly work with her in Bournemouth and me in Bristol and I was still scared but I put on my big girl pants and emailed her.  To my surprise and despite the fact that she barely knew me, Amanda said “it felt right” and here we are, I have the best job ever because for once I’d put my fear and my doubts aside and trusted my intuition.  This was an important lesson for me, we don’t need to know all the details, we just have to trust that the Universe always knows and will take care of all that for us, all we need to do is allow it. “

Since then Tracy hasn’t looked back and now manages a team of 3 others who help her to deliver a fantastic, 5 star service and who also passionately care about the products they send all over the world. 

At the end of last year Rachael joined us, initially just to help with the Christmas rush but she also now creates the unique crystal signature essences that go into each spray. Assessing moon cycles, special numerological days (11 features strongly with Metatron), portals and eclipses – Rachael chooses the right moment to create the crystal essences which are then bottled up and included as a component in each spray.  The number of crystals Amanda has amassed over the years is huge and these are now in Rachael’s tender, loving care.  The collection is always growing as we launch new spray collections or special editions.

The crystal component of what we do is a vital one and sets our Colour Healing sprays apart from many others on the market – care and attention has gone into the right vibrational mix for each one to enable it to deliver the impact that is intended.  Amanda and Rachael regularly source unusual crystals to add particularly high frequencies.

The same care and attention goes into the blends of aromatherapy oils that Tracy creates to achieve the desired effect for each spray.

Tracy is also a master at creating essential oil blends that smell divine –and is very in sync with each energy that is being created.

Michelle has recently joined us too - she and Rachael are the core despatch team.  At busy times they are ably assisted by Brooke, Tracy’s daughter.  All of these lovely ladies help to deliver the personal service that we pride ourselves on at Angelic Celestial Colours.  We love what we do here and we hope that you feel the love that is poured into every part of this process.

For queries on an order Tracy can be reached at


  • Love the sprays! Got my first two and will certainly order more! What a lovely business!
  • Oh what a lovely little set up you have, I’ve always wondered how you made them, spray HQ looks like a beautiful angel grotto, I can just picture you all joyfully skipping down the path to work- what a perfect job to have and you can tell they are made with love. I get such joy just looking at all the gorgeous bottles.Keep up the good work ladies.Let me know if you ever need an extra pair of hands.Looking forward to the new bottles coming out!
    Claire Trafford
  • What wonderful work you ladies do! This would be a dream job! ❤️ The sprays are terrific.
  • Hello everyone and thank you for this lovely insight into how the healing sprays are made, I have just recently discovered the wonderful world of Angelic Celestial Colours and already I am a huge fan, thank you for all the wonderful work you do it is much appreciated, May God and the Angels bless you xxxx
    Kay Lynch
  • Thank you all. I love all of the sprays. Bless you xx

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