Pink Lotus - Heart Energy Spray

Pink Lotus - Heart Energy Spray

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This spray is an aid to help you to live your life via heart centred consciousness.  This spray and energy is soft, gentle, perfumed and delicate.  It matches the rose inside of YOU that waits to bloom and release it's scent, unique tone and signature.

No two hearts are the same.  Every one is individual and signed by God as evidence of his creation and your connection to him.  For the truth is, it is your heart that holds his essence and blueprint. It is a reminder of all that is good and beautiful in the Universe.

The multi-dimensional map of time, space and eternity is all wrapped up in each petal of the heart's own lotus flower.  Your own heart chakra energy is mirroring this and enabling an entry into all you are, all there is and God’s eternal grace.

This spray is precious nectar to your heart.  It helps to unlock secret codes that until now have been unavailable for access.  Simply put, you were not ready for this much love, this much information, this much wonder...

The heart beating inside of you, whether in full physical health or slightly beaten, is a chamber of treasures that awaits anyone who cares to lift the lid.  The energetic centre of the heart is not linked to any one lifetime but is a capsule of all that you are.  It can never be destroyed or lowered.  Many barriers have protected it and still do.  It beats on, ethereally long after it stops at the doorway to the next existence at death.  Heart conscious energy is a never ending wave of love.

Within this spray, you are given entry to the evolving fifth dimensional heart.  The imprints, symbols, codes and energy help you to lead from the heart and make this the basis of a new way of living.  Make it the default setting inside of you.  And as you do so, new vistas, opportunities and experiences reveal themselves to you that match this new frequency.

This spray brought forward with Archangel Metatron’s energy is an alchemical kick start to a new way of living from the heart.  It is able to expand the heart chakra and open it, aiding the flow of Torus energy that flows in a figure of 8 around and within the heart centre.  It allows the heart breath, rhythm and a place in this world.  Also signalling to others with open hearts that you are linked.  Through this, you are never alone but all a part of a growing matrix that seeds the New World based on love and which has you as an anchor point.

This spray is multi-dimensional and multi-purpose.  Launched in December 2019, just before the huge gateway of 2020, Pink Lotus will reveal it's abilities, and support all those that need it as we ride into new times and the dawning of New Earth.

It is able to help your heart centre acclimatise to all the many changes that the Ascension process brings.  From change and growth, to loss of the old, to learning new tools and ways of being, lean into the intelligence of your heart to help guide you.  Allow each chamber within to reveal what you need, just when it is needed.

The spray contains Pink Lotus essential oil which is revered in its native India - home to the greatest monument to love, the Taj Mahal.  It helps to open you up to deeper love and trust that it is always there.  The oil is also deeply relaxing, helping us to remember to breathe and allow in the beauty of life.  It is truly nectar for the heart.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Pink lotus, cinnamon, linden blossom and pink pepper.

Crystals Essences:  Brazilianite, rhodochrosite, golden healer, watermelon tourmaline and purple fluorite octahedron platonic solid.

Includes a rose quartz crystal chip.

Suggested uses:  Opening up more to living from the heart, for grief, healing heartbreak, relationship difficulties, being open to receive love and help from higher realms, cleansing old programming (love heals everything), inner child work, letting go of past hurts and much more.

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