Lavender – Soul Star Spray

Lavender – Soul Star Spray

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A Lavender Soul Star – the gentlest, softest resting place for spirit before it fully enters your physical body.  Feel the sensation as your Soul Star chakra opens up to the love and light that I bring.
Your body recognises the truth of the message from the spirit that I bring.  Lavender lets you rest awhile, and be held in its embrace, comfort and place of ease.

There is nothing challenging about lavender.  It takes you to a place of acceptance. Whatever you may be struggling with at a human level, the messages and energy that enter through your crown from me, bring peace.

If your Soul Star is closed to help, I, Archangel Metatron, can open it with your permission.  I have stood by, waiting for the moment when you welcome my love and light into your body in this lifetime.  Because we have surely met many times before!  I am not a new being to you.  We have danced and worked and lived many lifetimes together.  Some painful and some sad.  Indeed some of you still cling on to your sadness, whether from this life or the last.  Let me soak up that grief and sadness with my lavender light.  It is a process that can be done whenever you ask.

The Soul Star is your gateway to the higher realms above and I watch over and guard it fiercely – like a father would protect his child. 

Only that which is of the right frequency of love and light will be allowed to enter your body.

I stand as gatekeeper and welcome in the energy of many other ascended masters and higher beings if this is what your soul requires and has asked for.

Lavender can bring out our vulnerability but at the same time our inner strength, knowing we have so much spiritual support that never wavers.
Lavender for softness, Lavender for grace, Lavender for love and Lavender for guidance.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Patchouli, basil and lemongrass.

Crystal Essence:  Rainbow mayanite, amethyst, imperial topaz, selenite, astarline, ametrine and brandberg amethyst.