Fire Element - Action Spray
Fire Element - Action Spray
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Fire Element - Action Spray

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In our brand new beautiful two tone red and yellow ombre bottle - well actually it's 3 tone as the red and yellow mingle in the middle and give us orange as well! Printed with the call to action that all the new Elements bottles now display.  Fire is for Action.  

This Fire Element spray captures the energy of the Fire Dragon, one of Metatron's Power Animal helpers.   Here lies an energy that is afraid of nothing.  It can both soar into the sky and ensure the path ahead is clear, as well as be earthbound to guard, strengthen and fight any negativity around you at ground level.

Fire is a powerful transformer of energy.  That which is stale shall be renewed.  That which is weak shall be strengthened.  That which is lacking direction shall be given motivation and much more.

Use this energy when you need results.  If you need to advance and require the courage to see through what you have started or to initiate something new.  You are not alone with the Fire Dragon beside you.  He helps you tap into your own masculine, active/doing energy - your own reserves of power.  That power lies dormant within you but is there to serve you whenever you need it.  It puts you in the mindset of the Firewalker, the intrepid explorer or the one that simply seeks new experience, activity and a fresh burst of life.  Use it when there is a new start in your life or when you seek change.

Fire energy will purify you, burning away that which no longer serves you or anything that is detrimental to your well-being.  Maybe you are oversensitive to the energy of others and pick up too much to your own detriment.  The flames of this dragon will gently cleanse away all that is not yours so you can concentrate on your core strength and inner flame.

Focusing on your core then gives you drive to connect to your passion, what it is that you want out of life and all that you can be.  Here lies an energy that sees your greatness not your human smallness.

This spray takes heat energy to where it is needed - like old bones, sore joints and cold areas of the body.  It seeks out aspects that are frozen within you that need warmth to open up.  This may include sociability, the search for a relationship or friendship, and any other aspect that requires fire underneath it to awaken once more.

Metatron's Fire energy is holy.  It seeks not to damage but to transform.  It seeks to clear away the old and prepare new ground for something better.  This fire is not dangerous but sacred and blessed to do the job it needs to do and nothing else.  It is intelligent and able to guide itself to where it is needed most.  If you are connecting into it now, it has called and is seeking once again to light your own inner flames of joy, purpose, strength and motivation.  Your Fire Dragon is here and all is well.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Frankincense, ginger, black pepper, amyris and cedarwood.

Crystal Essence:  Copal, fire agate, polychrome jasper, carnelian heart, lava stone and dragon carved crystal.  

Suggested uses:  Purification, manifestation, kick starts, physical energy, protection, ambition, direction, "burning away" viruses/colds etc, rheumatism and other muscular and skeletal issues.

Fire is compatible with the following Metatron sprays:-

· Aquamarine – Throat Chakra.  To speak your truth with courage.

· Golden Citrine – Solar Plexus.

· Lemon, Joy.

· Tangerine Blush – Sacral.  For creative expression.

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