Update on Meta-Pirate Orders and Re-stock

Hi All

I'm still getting a lot of emails asking when the Meta-Pirate is going to be back in stock.  As I said in the last blog, I can't say at the moment.  We still  have 100 orders to work through.  We decided to release another batch as we had reduced the number of orders waiting to 55, everyone was asking, and we thought we could handle a few more.  But it sold out again within a couple of hours and gave us another 200 orders to deal with!  So this time we are trying to get up to date with ALL the outstanding orders before releasing another batch.  However, we haven't even made enough to fill the orders we already have yet.  We are hoping to have done that by the end of today. So I hope you can see and appreciate why we are not yet in a position to put it back on sale.   We then want to build up a stock in preparation for the orders to come rather than be trying to catch up all the time. 

Also please bear in mind that we are using huge amounts of things like essential oils, labels, water etc. and in the current climate things aren't moving as fast as they used to.  There are a lot of different parts that make up a spray, all coming from different suppliers via different couriers/post etc all of these people with reduced staffing and  new ways of working to minimise the danger to their customers.  Rest assured we are doing our best to make as many sprays as possible and ship as many orders as possible every day.  We know you want them and we know you want them now!  We understand you are worried, we all are but don't forget to watch Amanda's videos and implement all the other advice she has given as well.  Try to be calm in the middle of this storm, there is much good to come from this experience and indeed we are already seeing evidence of this aren't we?  Actively look for this good, take a pause and a deep breath and trust that all will be well.

One more thing to say is that because of the computer glitch last week all the orders that we sent out then did not generate an automatic shipping confirmation email.  So even though your order was sent, you won't have received a confirmation email.  This has led to us getting many emails asking whether orders have been shipped yet. 

If you were  lucky enough to get one of the first batch of Meta-Pirates then your order HAS now been despatched  but you WILL NOT get a confirmation email of this.  I'm sorry about that and I know it's not ideal but there is literally nothing we can do about it.  Due to the fact that it affected so many orders there is no way we can manually email everyone, especially when we are this busy.  It  means there are no tracking numbers either so please don't email and ask for one!  I know people like to track their orders but up until we got this new website last June we didn't send out any shipping confirmations or even use tracking mostly (it was an option that most customers chose not to have) and the parcels still got to where they were going with very few problems. 

Please bear in mind too that everything is slower, people are working with less staff, the post office, the customs people, the delivery people so shipping times may be longer than you are used to.  If you are in the US/Canada/Europe you need to allow at least 14 days from the date of despatch.  Most of those first orders were despatched between the 13th and the 17th March so the earliest anyone should be contacting us asking where their order is, is the 27th March.  Obviously if you placed an order before the madness of the 11th that doesn't apply!   I appreciate that you want to check we got it and sent it but please be patient and wait until the 27th. As long as you received a confirmation of order email we got it and are busy working on it!

If you are in Australia/NZ you need to allow even longer than 14 days.  Asia too, 28 days is not unusual for these areas.  As Amanda said in her post about this I won't be answering "has my order been sent yet" emails until after the 27th so I can concentrate on making sprays :)  Thank you, your help is appreciated.



Spray HQ