Update from Spray HQ Regarding the Meta-Pirate Spray

Hi Everyone!

Tracy here with a little update as I'm getting a lot of emails in from people asking:

When will the Meta-Pirate spray be back in stock again

Can you pre-order it,

Can we contact you when it's back in the shop again

If I can answer these questions here it will give me more time to concentrate on spray making and shipping orders!  So here we go:

Rest assured we are all working as hard as we can to make more stock, both of this spray and the others, people tend to order several sprays at the same time so there is increased demand on ALL sprays at the moment.  In the 3 hours that the Meta-Pirate spray WAS available we received nearly 200 orders, on top of that our computerised shipping system wasn't working, and still isn't!   We were quite simply overwhelmed yesterday and felt we had no choice but to suspend sales. It did not mean however that some people have missed out, it was just temporary.

Although we are working very hard to catch up I don't want to give you a date that the Meta-Pirate will be back in stock which I then can't meet and disappoint you all over again!  I would much rather clear the orders we have already received first and then we can look at taking more orders. 

When the Meta-Pirate spray IS back in stock we will make an announcement on the website.  Amanda will also announce it on her Facebook page.  I'm afraid we don't have the manpower to email you when it happens but the information will be easily available to you. Just keep an eye on the website and the ACC FB page.

I'm sorry but we cannot take pre-orders or put sprays aside for you either.  Orders are filled on a first come first served basis, we don't think it's fair to put sprays that haven't been paid for aside when we have people waiting for them who have already ordered and paid.  We hate saying no so please don't ask!

As Amanda said, there WILL be enough sprays for everyone but we ask for your patience.  We are a small team and the sprays are all individually hand made, with love, this takes time, especially when such quantities as this are involved.  I also have to find the time to stock up on labels, oils, bottles, packaging etc. etc. because we are using it all so quickly. Did I mention how busy we are! ;)

We thought you might like to see some photos of us getting busy but still working with a smile! 


Linda, packing your orders with Love!  She loves her work!  Using our new recycelable eco-friendly bubble wrap.  More expensive yes but we try to do our bit for the environment and recycle as much as we can.  We can't really do without bubble wrap and so were delighted to find this green (literally) alternative.

Me, making some more Meta-Pirate Sprays (large)!  I love my work too!

Here are some we made earlier, brewing!  Look at the Ascended Masters keeping an eye on them for us.  Buddha, Gaia, Lady Nada, The Holy Spirit, Ashtar, Serapis Bay, Sanat Kumara - such esteemed company.

We hope you enjoy them, thank you for your patience.  Sending Lots of Love


Tracy and the Team at Spray HQ (Linda, Brooke and Michelle) xxx