Spray of the Week - Sapphire Peace

Welcome to our first "spray of the week" blog.  Designed to shine a little light on some of the sprays that you may be less familiar with.

This week we are starting off with one of Amanda's personal favourites, Sapphire Divine Peace. This is a beautiful spray.  The bottle is a deep, sparkly sapphire blue, just looking at it raises the spirits.  The spray has a fresh, cool smell but it also has a real depth to it.  Just holding the bottle you can feel the waves of calm start to wash over you.  

So, what is it used for?  Okay, no prizes for guessing the obvious, of course it's for helping you find peace! So needed in these days where we are all rushing around with 1011 things to do.  Sometimes it seems there are just not enough hours in the day.  You don't even have time to do the essentials never mind anything else.  As for taking 10 minutes for yourself, just to breathe, perhaps to meditate (yeah right!) you'd love to and you know you really should but there's dinner to cook, school uniforms to iron, homework to help with, dogs to walk and oh my God look at the state of the oven!  If any of this sounds familiar you are certainly not alone, we all feel like this some days, probably most days.  So if any of this is resonating then you might benefit from this spray.  After all who doesn't need a little more peace in their life?  Why then do we feel so guilty about taking some time out, sitting down, taking a deep breath and just giving thanks for all the many blessings in our lives? 

Self care should be our number 1 priority, we know we can't pour from an empty cup and yet still we resist the call to stop, to put ourselves first and look for the still, calm centre where peace resides.  This beautiful spray will help you to find that place.  It will encourage you to slow down and help you to realise that peace is within you.  Even when the world outside is anything but peaceful, it will give you a map and guide you home to peace, to stillness, to calm, to serenity. It will show you that it's always there, waiting for us and nudge us to visit more often.

It is only when we allow peace to come forth, to break free from the small, dark cupboard in our minds where we try to contain it's inconvenience (because we just have too much to do today) that we find the answers we have been seeking.  When we embrace the peace and BE the peace, we can connect finally to our true selves, to our soul, giving it the opportunity to speak to us and giving ourselves the opportunity to listen to it's wisdom.  Here we will find our "Aha" moments!   This is an act of self love.  Give yourself this gift and give peace a chance.



Essential oils used in this spray: Peppermint, Lemongrass,  Coriander, Lavender, Elemi, Myrhh, Ylang Ylang and Amrys.

Crystals used in this spray: Crysoberyl, Linarite, Stone of Sanctuary, Purple Angeline, Astarline, Azumar, Angelite.