Meta-Pirate Back in Stock!

Hi Everyone

It's back!  At last, sorry for the delay.  We've now got some more help in Spray HQ and this frees me up to make more sprays.  You may have noticed that a few sprays are out of stock at the moment.  Whilst we are still under pressure because of lock down restrictions we can't always keep a fully stocked shop for various reasons.  I'm sure you can appreciate that.  Rest assured we are always working hard towards that goal.  We hope to be able to keep on top of demand for the Meta-Pirate spray going forward though.  We still have plenty of the large size in stock although the small one has now sold out.  We are hoping to restock this one by tomorrow so don't worry if you missed it.

We'd like to welcome Lin back to work this week, yay!  We missed her a lot.  She's working very hard to get your orders out. Unfortunately we have had to say goodbye to Michelle (the one in Spray HQ) who isn't able to come back due to the lock down and has now decided it's time to go back to her nursing roots.  She will be missed of course but she was a fabulous nurse so our loss is their gain.  Thank you Michelle for all your hard work.

The post seems to be improving although it is still taking longer than usual of course.    Thank you so much for being patient and not bombarding us with emails asking where your order is!  However, we don't want you to feel you can't ask about it if you are worried. So, if you're in the US and have now been waiting longer than 28 days please get in touch.  If you're in Australia/New Zealand and have been waiting longer than 6 weeks, Europe longer than 2 weeks, or the UK longer than 5 days please let us know.  For any other countries not mentioned above do contact us if you have been waiting longer than 4 to 6 weeks. 

Some countries have been on lock down and weren't accepting mail from abroad (New Zealand and South Korea for instance).  They are now open again but bear in mind there is a huge backlog waiting to be dealt with both at the post offices and at customs/immigration.  You should have received tracking information so you can see the progress of your order but many just say they are at HWDC in Langley UK.  This means they are waiting for a flight out of the country.  Your order may be there for some time but if you are concerned let us know.  Email us at   We are not able to find out much more than you can as our normal channels of information in the international tracking department are closed at the moment but we can at least reassure you and check other orders sent at the same time to the same countries and see if they have been delivered yet or not. 

That's all for now.  Stay safe everyone and take care!

Love to you 


and the team at Spray HQ (Brooke and Lin)