Happy Easter from Spray HQ!

Hi All

I'm about to finish for the Bank Holiday weekend but I thought I'd just give you a little update before I leave.  I know some of you are still waiting for orders and maybe wondering about when you might finally get them!  Firstly I would urge you to look at this link from the Royal Mail which gives daily updates on international incidents, it's basically a round up of any issues which may be affecting mail services to and from countries around the world and is very helpful:


Deliveries to certain countries have been suspended.  Even though mail is still moving to the majority of countries, it is an awful lot slower than usual.  

The other thing slowing down orders is that I'm on my own now.  As some of you know Brooke broke her ankle about 10 days ago and had to have it screwed and plated in an operation.  She is making good progress but it will be a slow recovery (thank you to everyone who sent healing and prayers). 

I am trying to prioritise orders from abroad as they are taking so much longer to reach their destination and with a few exceptions, due to low stocks of some sprays, most have now been processed (not all so don't panic if you haven't heard anything about your order yet!)  Unfortunately due to the Bank Holidays tomorrow and Monday no further orders will be collected by the Royal Mail until Tuesday.  Expect that orders despatched today may well take 4 weeks or longer to reach you if you are in the UK/Canada/Australia. 

Although I do have further stocks of the Meta-Pirate spray ready I don't want to release them until I have caught up with the orders already waiting.  Just keep checking back on the website, please don't email me about it because I don't know yet!

One other thing, you are now able to leave reviews for individual sprays on the website.  We'd be very grateful if you would consider doing this for us, it's so helpful to other people who are trying to decide which spray to buy and also helps us to see which you like or any improvements that are needed.  Thank you!

Also check out the exciting new free Oracle Card readings on the www.amandaellis.co.uk website.  Here is a link:


it's great!  And if you were wondering if you could get a peak at the Oracle deck before buying yourself one, now's your chance!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend.  Stay safe and stay home!

Love and Light

Tracy and all the Team xx