A Real Lesson from Spirit!

Hi Everyone!

Marina here.  I count myself very fortunate to be part of Amanda’s Team Metatron and one of my jobs is to deliver a card reading for those undertaking Amanda’s level 1 Metatron healing course. So...this afternoon I was preparing to do the last one of this months uptake. As I always do,I read the email from the client, spent some time looking at her photo to ‘tune in’ to her energy. As always I then asked AA Metatron to guide me to choose the correct sprays from Amanda’s colour system to use in the reading. As I stood in front of the sprays I heard “Mary Magdelene”....yes, that made sense...the client could do with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine...then I got a voice in my head...”take Christ as well”...that didn’t make sense to my ‘logical’ mind so I didn’t listen. I picked another couple then went to leave the room. Suddenly I got a very strong ‘knowing’ that AA Uriel wanted to be used. Again, my logic, what I knew of the questions asked by the client, didn’t see that Uriel ‘fitted’....so once again I ignored my inner voice and left AA Uriel on the shelf.

Fast forward to the reading itself. I always use two packs of cards, using a ‘past, present and future’ format. Each card I pulled had direct connection to Mary Magdelene, Christ or Uriel!! Every one! I knew without a shadow of doubt that spirit had been guiding me earlier and only my ‘logic’ had prevented me listening. The inner ‘knowing’ that was ignored was shown, once again, to be right. To say I was chastened is to put it politely. I offered heartfelt apologies to Christ, AA Uriel and spirit in general for not listening. I am determined to take the lesson and take heed to my ‘inner knowing’ in future. AA Metatron is very keen on us believing in ourselves and trusting we already know the way. We always knew, we just have forgotten.

Thank you Spirit, for todays lesson. Consider it learned.


  • This is a great story because we all have times when we don’t listen to guidance, but most people are shy to admit it. I have had numerous occasions where I have heard spirit telling me something and I ignored it, only to figure later that I regretted it. One simple example is the time I went shopping and heard “take your umbrella.” The day was sunny and warm at the time, and I thought, ’that’s silly, it’s a beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky.’ Well, in the 30 minutes it took me to drive there and get my groceries, the sky opened up and it was pouring buckets as I wanted to leave the store. I waited inside for about 20 minutes until it settled down a bit, but still got very wet going to my car. Lesson learned. There are more but that one was the most etched on my memory because of the contrast in the day’s weather.
  • OMG! Love this story! Inner knowing has nothing to do with the logical brain as the logical brain isn’t used or even involved with inner knowing. When you know you just know!
    Jean Fioretti

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