Sacred Geometry Print Set

Sacred Geometry Print Set

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A set of 7 fine art prints on A4 size quality, thick card. These beautiful prints (from original artwork by Jane Delaford Taylor) can be used for grid or altar work or framed for your wall.  Included in the set:

Archangel Metatron - also known as the Grand Orchestrator, Archangel Metatron watches over the entire angelic kingdom and serves as a bridge to the Earth.  He also looks after the Stellar Gateway chakra (image shows Archangel Metatron holding a ball of light).

Archangel Sandalphon - With you Now. Sandalphon is Metatron's other half, their energy is perfectly complementary.  Sandalphon reminds us of the simple pleasures in life. He also looks after the Earth Star chakra which will help to ground you (image shows Archange Sandalphon playing the harp).

Merkaba - Meaning Light-Spirit-Body. A star shaped electro-magnetic field around every living thing.  Activating your Merkaba aids expansion to higher consciousness (image of a merkaba filled with rainbow light).

Creation - Expansion in your life.  The flower of life is a sacred symbol that assists you with creating.  Focusing on its energy will boost every action, thought or deed (image of a colourful flower of life on a rainbow coloured background).

Duality - Balance needed.  To live a balanced life is to live a healthy life.  What is out of control and needs to be reigned in, what has been ignored? Focus on this symbol and ask Metatron to help you gain equilibrium (image shows a yin yang symbol).

Tree of Life - Travel on.  To remind you that life is both a journey from spirit to Earth and from Earth back to spirit (image shows the Tree of Life, Metatron sitting at the top and Sandalphon at the bottom).

Karma - Untying the Knots.  This symbol can be used to request karmic release with Metatron's help.  Focusing on it as a symbol of light gifted by Metatron can also help you gain understanding and insight with any karmic situation (image shows the Endless Knot of Karma set against Metatron's indigo galactic backdrop).

Also included is a free print - "Grace" - from the forthcoming Christ Consciousness Deck by Amanda Ellis and Jane Delaford Taylor. This is a complementary taster of the deck to come.  Prints from this deck will also be available to buy soon.  Ask to be touched by God's grace; feel the energy as it touches the crown of your heady and helps you be the highest version of yourself today.

All images copyright to Amanda Ellis.  These 7 images also appear in the Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis and Jane Delaford Taylor (published by 2019)

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