Midnight Indigo - Light in the Darkness
Midnight Indigo - Light in the Darkness
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Midnight Indigo - Light in the Darkness

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Midnight  Indigo – Light in the Dark


Together with the Sunrise - New Dawn spray this Midnight Indigo energy lies at the very heart of what Archangel Metatron offers to each of us - to root out fear and replace it with light.

This Indigo energy is able to scan our bodies and our life and help lift out fear and any negative emotion that is preventing us from being all that we came here to be. To be empowered, whole and joyful, not weighed down by that which aims to keep us small and keep our light dimmed.  To reveal our truth and beauty, not the mask we can sometimes present to the world.

Midnight Indigo acts as detector that enables us to sense, see and experience where our fear lies so we can start the process of removing it.  To do so, however, requires we acknowledge that it is there in the first place.  Metatron allows this to happen safely, within the protective confines of deep, intense Indigo.  We may wonder if we dive into its embrace, will we ever emerge once more to the light.  But the promise of Midnight Indigo is that it is safe to go into that space/void to reveal our weaknesses, our pain and our soul injuries.  Within the surprisingly soft embrace, we find RELIEF in the Indigo.  We experience the light within the darkness, always.  As the Midnight sky sets and brings in the darkness of night, the dawn and Sunrise follows, it is nature's way, and ours.

Indigo helps us to connect to our dual aspects, the parts of ourselves that are difficult to understand and those that are easy.  We can only truly understand the light by understanding the dark too.

Indigo holds mysteries, secrets, hidden desires and unspoken wishes.  But it also contains the freedom to be all that we are, without labelling something good or bad.

In times of our life where we are troubled or challenged Indigo can bring great comfort, helping us understand the bigger picture and steer us to calmer and more peaceful waters.

In times of difficulty and trial, this is often when Metatron's presence is first felt.  He helps us with transition and change which for some can be triggered by a wake up call, or an event that on the surface appears hard, but given time, is often seen as a blessing to bring new direction and energy.

The energy of this Midnight Indigo is soft.  It wraps and envelops you in a warm embrace.  It locates fear and negativity and soaks it up.  It enables you to see the purpose, lesson or reason behind it.

You then have a choice.  To hang on to the pain (and some people will unconsciously choose to stay in pain as it represents comfort zone) or instead take Metatron's hand and step out of the pain and into a new way.  The birth of a New Dawn as represented by the Sunrise Spray should be used as a complement afterwards.

Use Midnight Indigo in times of stress, trouble, fear or worry.  It's also excellent for protection and helping us see the way ahead when our path seems blocked and the answers unclear.

It has also become apparent that this spray is good for helping calm sleep patterns as night time is when our subconscious fears and anxieties often arise.  In such scenarios, remember the full name of this spray - "Midnight Indigo - Light in the Dark."  Just as a small child sometimes needs a light left on, leave this spray beside your bed and spray before you sleep.  Imagine Metatron watching over you and soothing your fears as you sleep.  The Indigo makes the night time safe, comfortable and a beautiful place to rest.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Myrrh, palmarosa, peppermint, patchouli and bergamot.

Crystal Essence:  Clear quartz, cathedral quartz, black tourmaline, empowerite and mani stone.

This description of Mani Stone is taken from KSC Crystals, (written by Kevin Simmonds) where this particular piece was bought from:

"Mani Stone is a black and white Jasper from the American Southwest. It is composed of alternating bands of black and white, sometimes in dramatic patterns. It was named Mani Stone after the Third Century mystic teacher Mani. The name Mani means “gemstone,” and the original Mani believed himself to be an incarnation of the Divine--the Paraclete, or Divine Comforter.

He dedicated his life to attempting to unite all the world’s religions through mutual understanding and compassion. He believed that darkness was not to be overcome through struggle, but rather to be infiltrated with Light, until it was no longer darkness.

The religion known as Manichaeism was named after him. We have chosen to call this new material Mani Stone because its message about its properties is strongly resonant with what we know about Mani’s philosophy."

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