Christ Consciousness  Fine Art Print Set No. 1 - The Love Set

Christ Consciousness Fine Art Print Set No. 1 - The Love Set

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A set of 7 fine art prints on A4 size quality, thick card. These beautiful prints (from original artwork by Jane Delaford Taylor) can be used for grid or altar work or framed for your wall.  Included in the set:

Jesus  - Follow my lead. An invitation to hold the Christ Light energy and embody his teaching (image shows Jesus, inviting you to take his hand. This is the cover image of the Christ Consciousness Deck).

Mother Mary -Mothering and Nurture. The mother of Christ, a safe harbour, a warm embrace, a shoulder to cry on. Reminding us of the unconditional love of a mother (image shows Mother Mary pouring tea). 

Sisterhood - The Feminine Way. Women coming together in companionship, the divine feminine, devoid of competition, supporting each other (image shows 2 women sharing a campfire basking in the majesty of God's creation in the galaxy above).

Lionheart - Stand Firm. Reminding us to be brave and determined or "lion hearted". Facing our fears - be they big or small, we can cope (image shows a lion standing strong and proud on a magenta background).

Relieving Suffering - Move beyond pain. What is weighing you down? Like the cross on Jesus' back you are asked to look at the burdens you are carrying (image shows a cross on the hillside, surrounded by red and white poppies, representing both peace and suffering).

Holy Spirit - Work through me. Open yourself to be an instrument for love, peace and all that is good. Let the higher consciousness soar within us and in the world. Rising from the flames of lower thought and deed to see the higher perspective where there are always solutions (image shows a white dove soaring heavenward).

The Heart - What would love do? Love is all there is and all there ever will be. Bathe in its frequency today, drink from its cup knowing the well never runs dry and many hearts are awakening more, as is yours. (image shows water cascading from a heart shaped portal with a hummingbird and a golden goblet to either side).

All images copyright to Amanda Ellis.  These 7 images also appear in the Christ Consciousness Self Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis and Jane Delaford Taylor (published by 2023)