Christ Consciousness Fine Art Print Set No. 2 - The Miracles Set

Christ Consciousness Fine Art Print Set No. 2 - The Miracles Set

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Another set of 7 fine art prints taken from Amanda's Christ Consciousness oracle deck. Printed on A4 size quality, thick card. These beautiful prints (from original artwork by Jane Delaford Taylor) can be used for grid or altar work or framed for your wall.  Included in the set:

Jesus - Follow my lead - "Come and I will make you fishers of men". An invitation to hold the Christ Light energy and embody his teaching (image shows Jesus, inviting you to take his hand. This is the cover image of the Christ Consciousness Deck).

Faith - Find holiness within - this painting depicts the woman who reached out and grabbed Christ's robes knowing that by doing so she would be cured.  Jesus noticed immediately and told her it was her own faith that had healed her. A reminder to look within ourselves for the power and tools we need.

Joseph - Fathering and responsibility - a reminder of the soul contracts we chose before incarnating into this life. Relationships we were meant to be in, tasks we were meant to do.  No matter how impossible or challenging any of them are we are reminded that we chose it all at soul level. Joseph is depicted in his role as father to Jesus, a role that he didn't seek or expect, yet accepted and faced with grace.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Shared mission - "No man is an island", a reminder to reach out to others for help when we need it, two heads are often better than one and solutions can arrive by taking advice and counsel from those around you.  Jesus benefitted from the support and strength of his loved ones and trusted friends, particularly Mary, who knew him best. He understood that by completing his mission he allowed others to complete theirs also, from Mary to Judas.

Grace - Blessings and goodwill - God's love, given simply because He loves you with no expectation other than to anoint you with it.  As divine beings we are asked to both hold and offer Grace, become torch bearers bringing light to the darkness, both in ourselves and others.

Miracles - Manifest and believe - A reminder to have confidence that solutions and answers can arrrive at any moment even if they feel elusive right now. A reminder that this is a bountiful world, with enough for everyone. Miracles are everywhere.

Holy Grail - Sacred union - depicts the Vesica Pisces symbol between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. It shows the potential that can exist when two, fully formed, whole energies, intersect and create something new. A reminder the Holy Grail is found when we feel worthy of drinking from it, where we stand, in our God given sovereignty, beauty and light. When we stop looking to others to save or love us and realise everything we need is inside us.

All images copyright to Amanda Ellis.  These 7 images also appear in the Christ Consciousness Self Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis and Jane Delaford Taylor (published by 2023)

Size: 29.5 cm x 21 cm/8 x 12 inches