How to use the sprays

How to use the sprays

We recommend using the sprays sparingly to start with and if you have sensitive skin, asthma, breathing problems, might be pregnant or are under the care of a doctor for any reason then please be very cautious and use one squirt of spray only.  Then wait and see what effect that has before gradually building up.

Please remember the sprays are extremely powerful energy tools and some people are more sensitive to energy than others, if you know you are particularly sensitive then again, start very slowly and build up gradually. 

Also bear in mind that it is not necessary to spray them to work with the energy, just having the bottle nearby may be enough for you to start with, this is also a good way for pregnant women to work with the sprays.

Children:  We do not recommend use of the sprays for children under the age of 7 except for the children's sprays and we do not recommend spraying these at all on children under 3.  Again you can use the energy without spraying, ideal for babies and toddlers.

Pregnancy:  Legally we cannot recommend that the sprays are used in pregnancy.  As mentioned above, there are other ways of working with the sprays, just having them in your space, holding them etc. so this is a good way to work with them in pregnancy.

If you have any questions about the sprays at all please contact Tracy at