Aquamarine - Throat Energy Spray

Aquamarine - Throat Energy Spray

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Communication done in a different way...  Speaking and listening in equal measure, both just as important.  To truly hear another, and to speak your truth in return is something that so few are able to do.  Communication is also about discernment. Who do you choose to listen to?  Who do you follow?  Or elevate in status, whilst not recognising your own inherent wisdom?  This is the time to let your voice of love be heard in a world that sorely needs it.

The Aquamarine has qualities within it that are not of this world – it brings in vibrations and energy from different galaxies and stars where many methods of being understood and what you call speech are in place.  Telepathy, intuition, a sense of knowingness...  and more besides that which you will learn in years to come.

The throat is linked to the heart and third eye – a clear channel that is needed between all of them.  The aquamarine runs a crystalline light through each as well as upward to the ear channels too.

The need for our communication to be truthful at all times.  Without truth there is nothing, all are diminished by lies and misconceptions. 

The Aquamarine shines brightly and twinkles and sparkles whilst around it, others may not live by the same intensity of what is right and what is wrong. 

Yet look to yourself, watch your words because your words carry far more than you think.  Watch your thoughts because they create your reality.  And watch what you choose to hear and respond to.

Take care of the throat.  The place through which you breathe and life itself travels into the body. 

50ml Energy Spray.

Aquamarine for truth, Aquamarine for judgement, Aquamarine for listening and for being heard. 

Essential Oils:  Yarrow, basil, linden blossom, petitgrain and peppermint.

Crystal Essence:  Linarite, angelite, howlite, aqua aura larimar, green calcite, moss agate, azumar and turquoise.

Suggested uses:  Any throat/nose/ears physical condition, help with communication or being heard, channelling, writing, singing.  Speech impediments, or shyness in talking, finding our voice, public speaking, clearing past trauma from the throat area (place where much past life memory is held).  The Aquamarine is also very protective. 

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