Level 1 - Platinum Metatron Attunement & Connection Package
Level 1 - Platinum Metatron Attunement & Connection Package
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Level 1 - Platinum Metatron Attunement & Connection Package

Level 1 - Platinum Metatron Attunement & Connection Package

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Please note that the Level 1 courses sell out very quickly but are re-stocked on the 1st day of each month at 1 p.m. UK time (except for November as we don't hold courses in December).

This is the highest standard of the Level 1 course. This is the only course that gives you a personal reading with Amanda and is therefore limited to 7 spaces per month.


Merkaba Crystal Pendulum – to help connect to Metatron and useful in healing work (note pendulum may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo subject to availability).

A bespoke 30cl Archangel Metatron Candle to compliment the Flame Attunement Spray - same oils are used although scent is not as strong - containing Clove, Sweet Orange, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. Candle also includes an embedded crystal quartz chip. Candle is made of Soy wax and has a cotton wick. It is cased in a glass container. 

A beautiful orange calcite heart energised under the new moon , to signify the start of your journey with Metatron and attuned to his energy for you.  A way to carry Metatron's energy with you at all times.

4 ADDITIONAL Archangel Metatron Sprays – (White Merkaba Spray, Magenta Bridge Heaven to Earth Spray, Midnight Indigo – Light in the Dark Spray and Sunrise New Dawn Spray).

Personal recorded session with Amanda lasting one hour pre-attunement
Two ADDITIONAL Video tutorials post-attunement. 

Two additional Meditations

Premium package also includes ALL of Standard Package – as follows
Preparation manual – sent via email

‘The Bridge’ Meditation, Remove the Story meditation and Merkaba Meditation – sent via email download

Flame Attunement & Connection Spray and Archangel Sandalphon spray

Attunement Video 

Two Video Tutorials

Metatron Workbook/Manual (60 pages long) – sent via email – which you go through on your own


You also have the opportunity to participate in a PRIVATE Facebook group just run for Level 1 Students, for the time period you are accessing the work. This is to introduce you to each other as well as answer any queries you have. This Facebook group is not permanent and is closed usually a month after you have completed your Level 1 by which time you can stay in touch with anyone you have particularly resonated with. This is optional and you do not have to participate. What you get out of this group is also down to what you put into it - we encourage you to write posts and talk to each other to share your experiences, so you can learn from each other. 

The Facebook group is run by Marina Kaplais a Metatron Colour Healing Teacher herself and one of Amanda's core team. 

Once your booking is received you will be sent full instructions on how to access your videos.

Please note the following important information regarding how we store your personal details.  This is to ensure our compliance with GDPR regulations in Europe
All course materials are sent via the Mailchimp email system.  By purchasing this package you are giving permission for Angelic Celestial Colours to subscribe you to our Level 1 Course Materials mailing list (this is not the same as the newsletter mailing list).  Your details will remain on our system in case you wish to take further courses with Amanda .  However, you can unsubscribe at the end of the course if you wish to do so.  Please DO NOT unsubscribe until you have finished the course or you will not receive all of your course materials

Prerequisites for doing Level 1

  • Willingness to work on your own initiative and continue the path and suggestions given via meditations, manual and your own reading 
  • Computer literate or able to call on someone who can help you - Video files are sent via Vimeo links and Meditations are Sent Via Drop Box. They are easily accessible - we usually recommend Chrome as a browser. Video files themselves are not downloadable but can be accessed ANY time going forward - links given are permanent. 
  • Willingness to explore new ideas and concepts as well as a determination to carry on the work long after the course ends. 

Overall purpose of the Level 1 packages is to:

  1. Integrate Metatron's energy into your physical body and deepen or start your connection/relationship with his energy.
  2. Gain insight into how Metatron wishes you to work with him.
  3. Create an enhanced ability to integrate a 5th dimensional consciousness into all you do – working with Merkaba energy, understanding its energy as well as that of Metatron's Cube and some other aspects of Sacred Geometry.
  4. Start learning how to Channel Metatron's energy - this may be in a healing practice or via speech, movement, writing, teaching etc
  5. Deep cleanse and purifying the body – an ongoing process.
  6. Help to align male and female energies within us.
  7. Fill you with strands of beautiful divine light to activate the divine light body
  8. Prepare you to start healing with Metatron's energy
  9. Help and guide you regarding how Metatron's energy works

Level 1 is equivalent to a Reiki 1 standard in that you will be able to practice Metatron Colour Healing  on family and friends, but not the public. This is covered in Level 2. 

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