Air Element Spray

Air Element Spray

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The gift of air allows you to soar and reach heightened states; to be able to see, hear, feel and sense all of life from a bird's eye view.  We let go of our human smallness and access a clear perspective on life in the freedom that comes from being in air.

Air can help you aspire to greatness and dream big.  Air can help you think in new ways and instigate new activities and behaviours that were closed off to us before.  We can do this with the motivation and direction of air behind us, encouraging and steering us forward.

To live life fully and to breathe deeply.  This is the gift of air.  To help us shed our entanglements here on earth in day to day life and understand everything is part of a greater whole, including phases of life and different ages of being.

The essence of air helps us with transitions and cycles of life.  Just as the birds migrate when they know winter is coming, this air essence helps us traverse through each part of life, giving us just the right vibrational energy we need at any one time.

When the air around us feels stale and enclosed, this energy comes in to purify our space – in our surroundings, our auric field and within ourselves.

Air sits within us.  We breathe it in and exhale it in equal measure.  Think of your lungs and the air within them.  When was the last time you properly exhaled DEEPLY? Allowed all old energy to leave?  Likewise, when did you last breathe in DEEPLY?  Taking in as much fresh air as you can?

This spray reminds you of the gift of the breath and the majesty of each one.   Helpful to those practising mindfulness meditation, to get in touch with their inner world through breath work and the air element.

Air essence encourages us to look up and see the beauty above us. We need to look for the sunlight and starlight rather than the ground underneath our feet.

To stand straight and look ahead knowing that all is safe before you.

This spray is available in a 30 ml and a 50ml size.  Please note that the 30 ml size is in the dark blue bottle with a label and is not printed.

Essential Oils:  Lime, lemon, grapefruit, yarrow, frankincense and cypress.

Crystal Essence:  Fluorite octahedron, blue calcite, angelite and clear quartz.

Suggested use:  Headaches, asthma, emphysema or any lung condition, a need for clarity, fresh thinking, new perspective, stress, panic, fresh starts, clearing physical space, pollution and toxins.

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