Information about the sprays - new ingredients

You may remember that we have been working with a cosmetic formulator for the last few months as we were required to come up with a new formula for the sprays.  This was a road we had no choice but to go down, having discovered that we could no longer legally use vodka in the sprays.  It has been a challenge, for many reasons but the formulator we have been working with has come up with a formula we are very happy with.  She has previously worked with the Body Shop and is very aware and respectful of our "brand" and how important the energy of the sprays is.  As a result we are confident that the sprays will be better than ever.

This new formula is currently being lab tested to make sure it is stable and that the preservative is effective.  We are not required by law to have these tests done as aura sprays are classed as room sprays and therefore, technically, not a cosmetic product.  However, as we have said before, we are very mindful that our sprays do come into contact with the skin, unlike room sprays, and we want to be sure they can safely be sprayed over the head.  We expect to be able to start using the new formula in the next couple of weeks or so, we are just waiting for the new ingredients to be delivered.   

In the meantime, we have been using an ingredient called Durosoft (Polyglyceryl-10 Caprylate) to help us solubilise the essential oils in the sprays - here is a link if you wish to know more about it: 

Without a solubiliser the essential oils just float on top of the water, so when you pump the spray the essential oils come out of the atomiser basically undiluted.  Additionally it is very difficult to preserve a spray when the oils and water are separate, as the preservative cannot work effectively. 

 The Durosoft has done the job well, however, like most solubilisers, it is very sticky.  As a result, we have noticed that with some sprays that contain a large amount of essential oils (and therefore require more solubiliser) that the sprays can leave a sticky residue on any surfaces where they land.  This residue wipes off easily and is harmless but you may not want to spray near furnishings or clothing that you cannot easily clean.  Also, it might feel quite sticky in your hair, a bit like hairspray.  Again, it is perfectly harmless but we wanted to let you know about this temporary side effect.  On the plus side the sprays are a lot more robust, pure and long lasting than they were.

We know that many of you follow how Amanda demonstrates using the sprays i.e. spraying into the palm and breathing in the aroma. If you also use them this way then this short term issue can be solved  by using a tissue to gently wipe and remove any residue - similar to some hand sanitisers, where the use of certain oils can make some stickier than others.  Please also be aware that the sprays are concentrated and powerful and that a little goes a long way - you only need 1 or 2 pushes of the atomiser. Although everything is of course washable and non-toxic you may just want to be careful and aware of where the mist may land. 

Please be assured we are doing everything within our power to bring you the best products possible, that are long lasting, safe and high vibrational, whilst also complying with Health and Safety regulations, which as a Limited company we are duty bound to do.  In doing so we are placing ourselves at the leading edge of new aura spray product development.  We do however want you to be fully happy with your sprays and if you have any concerns then please contact us at  Thank you for your continued support of the sprays and Amanda’s work in general.  We do appreciate it.