EU Customers - Suspension of Orders to Ireland and Germany

Hi all

Welcome to another edition of our blog.  This one is of particular interest to our customers in the Republic of Ireland and Germany who have not been able to place orders with us for the last couple of weeks.

Around the middle of August we realised that these orders weren't getting through customs and were being returned to us on a regular basis.  We had no choice but to suspend and fully refund orders while we tried to find out what was going on and how we could rectify it.  We have since found out that Ireland had added essential oils, and anything containing them, to its prohibited list.  Which was obviously not good news for us!  

Orders to Germany were suspended around the same time.  Essential oils are not prohibited from entering Germany but they are "restricted" which means they require certain documentation and conditions to be met. This, combined with the fact that German customs are extremely strict anyway led to orders being rejected here too.  

There do not seem to be similar problems with other EU countries thankfully.  Although we are monitoring the situation daily.

What are we doing about it?

We are dotting every "i" and crossing every "t", making sure we have all the relevant paperwork to include with the orders (not just for these countries but for all orders, worldwide).   

Products such as perfumes, aftershaves, cosmetics, room sprays and so on are prohibited items in some countries and restricted in many others.  Although the aura sprays are not perfumes, they have always been difficult to classify as the aura is not a recognised "thing" - many people don't even know what an aura is!  This has given us some problems when having to describe them for shipping purposes! We were advised to call them room sprays because body sprays would have caused even more problems - being a cosmetic product.  But unfortunately Ireland have now banned room sprays too!

We have however found there is a new classification code we can use which we hope gets us around these issues.  If all goes to plan, we will be able to reinstate orders from Ireland and Germany again soon. We will of course keep you informed.

Additionally, going forward each spray will have a Safety Data Sheet. The SDS gives details of the ingredients in a product, how to deal with a spill, or a fire, accidental ingestion, skin or eye contact etc and is part of wider health and safety regulations.

They are NOT required for our sprays, or for any cosmetic products either, however we have been advised that it wouldn't hurt to include one with the sprays.  The reason being that it is just easier to provide one when asked than to argue that we don't legally have to - well they are unlikely to argue the point, they would just reject the order!  If it helps one order get through that otherwise might not then it's worth it.  This is being compiled at the moment by our friends at the lab who have done all the testing for us on our fantastic new formula.  They are very well known in the industry, working with many top cosmetic brands, including The Body Shop, so we trust their advice 100%.  Once this SDS document is complete we are hoping that it will help orders get into Germany again.  

So I hope this demonstrates how hard we are working to try and get things back to where they were for you.  If there is anyone living in Germany who would be prepared to help us find out if there is anything else we can do to help get the sprays through customs.  Perhaps by speaking to the Bundes Post or even German customs for us and asking for advice, we would be very grateful for the help and of course would reimburse you for your time.  Contact me (Tracy) at

If you have any questions at all about any of this then let us know and we will try to help.  Thank you so much for your patience throughout this transition time, we appreciate how frustrating it has been but we have been really touched by your determination to get your sprays!  Please be assured we are doing everything we can to rectify this as soon as we can.  Keep checking in for new blogs and also make sure to read the top purple "header" on the Home page as we put up to date info up here too.  Take care and thanks for reading and sticking with us.  Have a great weekend.

Love and Blessings

Tracy xx